Post Chevron Houston Marathon + Training in Full Swing + Race Day Magic Wishes + What’s Next

Hi friends! So, I’ve meant to post this for the past week, but I just haven’t quite made the time! I have GOT to get back into my blog habits 🙂

So, going back to the most magical 26.5 (yup, ran further than 26.2, lol) Miles I’ve ever ran. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two weeks!

So, you know I had an incredible race two weeks ago, and every day since has been such a blessing. My coach said there will always be the Taushah before Houston 2020 and the Taushah after Houston 2020 and she couldn’t be more right.

The morning after the race I woke up itching to run. I was allowed to run for an hour and was excited to see how my legs felt. I was a little sore, mostly in the quads, but was still on cloud nine. My legs didn’t feel that much worse than after the last few months of long runs, so I knew my body had adapted. I was SO SO grateful for everything my body had put itself through, for how it had adapted, and for allowing the rest of me to fly, in my own way!

It was still windy and cold, but I didn’t care! It was SUCH a beautiful day! We had stayed Sunday night as well, and had stayed close to the convention center and start/finish line. So, I decided to run towards the convention center and along the streets where the magic happened the morning before.

The pictures above are from my morning run. Same streets where 30,000 runners where crushing their goals and dreams, where 300,000 spectators, friends and families had cheered their loved ones on the day before. The same area where tears of joy and promises to come back in 2021 flowed freely. The same area where I finally saw my training come together. I saw what I was capable of and I knew there was so much more inside of me.

I cried as I posted on my Instagram stories… showing everyone where the magic happened a mere 24 hours earlier. You never would’ve known that the day before, the biggest sporting event in Houston had taken place. The finish line was gone, no longer was the start line blocking the street. Gone we’re all the runners and the high energy that flowed throughout the streets of downtown. However, despite my sadness that it was all over… my heart was full! I had accomplished what I had set out to do and my bar had been raised on what I know I am capable of reaching. I had never been more in love with the sport or more grateful for every mile than I was in that very moment.

The six miles felt great and my coach made me take two days off after. I was ITCHING to run on Thursday and couldn’t believe how good my body felt! I did a few easy miles and then Friday I had 5 miles on the books where I ran a sub 8 min pace average. My body was in bonus land and I truly believed that if I was careful I didn’t need to shut it down. Why didn’t I want more time off to recover? Because I decided that I wanted to do the Woodlands Marathon 7 weeks after the Chevron Houston Marathon. Yup!

So, the above course is what I’ll be running on March 7th. It’s supposed to be fast and flat, but seems like a decent amount of elevation gain. I think my legs will stay awake this way and will keep my mind present. I wanted to run another marathon with all my heart and create race day magic again.

Now, I thought about that comment above. I’m not trying to recreate the CHM magic, as comparing one race magic to another is setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s a different race, different day, different weather, different everything. I want to create race day magic for THIS race, on THIS day with what my body is capable of. Do I want to run faster? Hell yes. However, I want to run strong and be as mentally tough as I was in Houston. If I can pull that off, stay present in the mile I’m in and cross that finish line in one piece feeling good, then race day magic will have occurred despite what the finish line clock reads.

Don’t set yourself up to fail before the race has even started. That’s what my race day goal is. Forget Houston and focus on the now, for those 26 miles and do the best with them that I can. I’m so excited for lucky marathon #23

What’s next before that? I have the Austin Half marathon in two weeks on 2/16/20. It is a very tough course, 600 feet of elevation gain over 13.1 miles. Character building for sure. However, I’m going to enjoy every step!

I had a semi recovery week last week with just under 30 miles. I’m back up to 50 this week with a 14 mile long run tomorrow.l and I can’t wait. Staying in marathon shape year round is a 2020 goal for me for sure as I don’t ever want to have to start over where running just a few miles is hard again. I want to keep pushing and building and seeing what’s possible. Running is a metaphor for life. You get out of it what you out into it, and I’ve never believed that more!

A week post Marathon I ran a 5k PR of 21:50. That felt SO good 🙂 I’d say I’ve come far in the last 6 months, but not taking a second, quite literally, for granted!

I’m currently deciding wether I want to put my name in the hat for the NYC Marathon. However, some exciting things may be happening in the next few weeks so not playing the lottery just quite yet 🙂 Stay tuned!

I’m also taking in more runners if you are looking for a coach! I had several athletes finish their goal races this winter and some are taking a bit of time off. Send me a message if you are interested, I’d love to be part of your journey!

See you at the Start Line!


4 thoughts on “Post Chevron Houston Marathon + Training in Full Swing + Race Day Magic Wishes + What’s Next

  1. Amy Trecartin

    I wish I lived closer(Massachusetts), so that you can me my coach.. I really enjoy your blogs and has me motivated to walk more and longer.. I have signed up for some half marathon’s.. My first half marathon is at the end of March and yes I will be walking all of them! Amy Trecartin

    1. Hi there! Most of my coaching is online and believe it or not my coach doesn’t even live in this country 🙂 If you are interested we can definitely give it a try as Id love to be a part of your journey to crushing some goals! Best of luck in your March half, I know you’ll do great!

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