I am Grateful For…

2.5 days. 60 hours 48 minutes and 14 seconds. Less than that by the time this is posted.

In that amount of time I will be lined up, heart full, mind focused and praying for an incredible race. By incredible, I don’t mean a race day miracle. I mean the type of incredible where the training and everything over these past 14 weeks or so clicks. I have a time goal for sure, but I know that no matter what that finish line number is, I’ve worked my butt off to get there. I’m ready, and this race is the first stepping stone into many years of hard work ahead. I’m doing it this time, the right way…. and have more respect for the sport and the miles than ever. It’s go time!

I am grateful that this year I got to be a Chevron Houston Marathon ambassador as it put even more fire under me. I got to take over their Instagram account on Tuesday and posted over 70 stories. I Was able to pull up old photos from my 9 Houston Marathon weekend races, interact with other athletes (most who are running this weekend) and offer advice and excitement for this weekend’s events! All. The. Feels.

I’m grateful for the running community. I can’t tell you how much love I have for this sport and all those that are part of it! From the high fives, kudos and congrats that are passed along to the advice, motivation and hugs when things go right OR wrong… it’s because of everyone involved through the journeys and running seasons that people keep falling in love with running.

No matter the pace or goal, there is always a spot for you in the running community. I am so excited to meet many of you this weekend before and after the Chevron Houston Marathon races and events. Social media has made so much more possible as well. I’ve talked to more people about running in the past few years, from so many states and countries… coached athletes across finish lines I’ve never seen, and get to show dozens more the very first start and finish line I crossed that set a fire in my soul this weekend. All. The. Feels

I’m grateful for this body that is allowing me to reach for the moon. I haven’t always treated it very well (I’ll eventually share my story as it almost cost me my life) and I’m going to continue giving it what it needs so that it can perform to the best of its ability. 2020 is going to be a great year, and whatever this body needs, this body gets.

I’m grateful for the resources we have around us to make us stronger and smarter runners. These resources become absorbed and we can share that knowledge with others and use within our own training. Getting my RRCA coaching verification this year was a highlight for sure!

I’m grateful for GU as it has sent me to races I’d have never been in or a part of before! GU keeps my body strong and helps it recover better than anything I’ve ever tried! It’s been with me on every race I’ve ever ran and I’m lucky that I get to help represent them for a second year in 2020! Represent what you believe in so you can stand behind it!

I’m grateful for my wife. She is a saint. She not only supports my crazy but she encourages it. Everything she is, I always wanted and hoped I’d find. She is my best friend and the love of my life and she will never know just how much it means to have her at my start lines, my finish lines…. and most importantly, by my side for everything in between.

I am grateful for the athletes that I get to coach as they inspire me just as much as I hope I inspire them. Seeing them accomplish what they set their minds and hearts out to do makes me emotional and more fulfilled than they will ever know. Getting to share my love of running with them, and see them cross those finish lines is priceless. I hope to coach more runners and continue to see them make their impossible, possible!

I am grateful for my coach. She will never know how much she means to me nor how much I appreciate the love, heart and soul she puts into my training. She is always in my ear and I want to make her proud. You have to find a coach that you click with to make the journey successful. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect coach for me. She inspires more than she will ever know. I couldn’t have gotten this far with her already as she believes in me when I have hard days and don’t believe in myself. Thanks coach!

I could go on and on and on…. but I’ll stop there for now! Always remember your why, and never forget to take the time to appreciate the big things and the small. The key to success is to focus on goals and not on the obstacles. Keep pushing, and always stay humble and hungry!


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