Back on the Wagon + 9 Days until the Chevron Houston Marathon + Taper Week 1 + Friday Favorites

Happy New Year! It’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged, and a resolution this year is to get back on track with a daily blog post. I think sometimes I made it way more complicated than it needed to be, so I’m going to just be simple, share my running journey and snippets from life… and hope y’all still enjoy!

I can NOT believe it is only 9 days until the Chevron Houston Marathon. I am so excited, but nervous… and very grateful.

Above is a picture of me about an hour before the start last year. I hadn’t ran in an entire month as I had hurt my ankle and wasn’t sure I’d even be able to complete the race.

You can read last year’s race recap HERE.

I can’t wait to find my name on the wall again next weekend. It’s an honor to be part of something so big on such an incredible weekend in Houston. I literally get the feels thinking about it. 21 previous marathons, and I finally got my shit together and have put in the work. I know this race will just be a stepping stone into what is possible. I have dreams… and working hard to achieve them will make reaching them so much sweeter! I wish I had more time still, but so many more start lines and I’m proud of how far I’ve come! Staying in the present.

Last year I stared at this finish line praying I could cross it the next morning. This year, I get to be in a photo shoot with a few fellow ambassadors AT this finish line the day before the race, escorted through by security. I can’t wait! I also got some cool items to wear for the photo shoot in the mail toady and will share those tomorrow 🙂

This is my face thinking about taper week. Happy but hating it at the same time, lol! It actually is week 1 of 2 weeks of taper and it hasn’t really felt like one yet, outside of being exhausted from a 65 mile previous week ending with a 20 mile run and getting up to run just 4 miles a couple of mornings. I still had a few mornings of 8-9 miles with some tempo and speed work, but it was weird to get up and dressed just to run 4 miles this morning. Lol

I also felt off early this week, so making sure to hydrate and take my vitamins, etc… more on where to buy these two items below as many folks have asked from Instagram. Welcome to taper week. My coach said it’s like a giant hangover to peak Marathon training. Boy is she right!

I still have 40 miles this week, but next week will feel really weird. More on those taper feelings next week. Check out my taper blog post from last month right before my San Antonio half! Reasons you feel off during taper week are HERE

Friday Favorites:

Everyone has asked where I purchased the 73oz water jug I’ve been lugging around above. I LOVE it! Order yours here… and get in Gallon/73oz/43oz and in a million colors. Which one will you order?! Click HERE

Um, this foam roller water bottle above is LIFE! Did you know being 2% dehydrated can cause 20% decrease in performance? This MOBOT water bottle keeps water or fuel cold and you can use the bottle to roll your legs and sore muscles. It’s the newest coolest thing ever! Also comes in different sizes and colors 🙂 Buy yours HERE

These Charcoal face wipes are so cool! They pulled off a lot of dead skin after a few runs which I liked and my skin was very soft after 🙂 Plus, I just felt fancy using them! Order yours HERE and HERE 🙂

Finally, having my vitamins, turmeric, etc all organized into not only days of the week, but AM/PM has not only helped me remember to take them, but to save on time. I can take also easily take them with me on the run. Get yours here and help save yourself time! It also feels good 🙂 Click HERE

Few random pics – Emmy above fell asleep with her bone that Santa left.

Mom Papke got me a bag of this for Christmas, and I’ve bought myself three more since. I bought a normal bag before I found the same kind, and it just wasn’t the same. LOVE the smell and it’s definitely helped my muscles.

The wife and I finally played a few games. We love games.

Bella loves kisses

I don’t want Christmas to be over and our Christmas tree is STILL up.

Have a great night! If you are in Houston next weekend, stay tuned for details as I’m planning a meetup Sunday afternoon!

Best of luck if you are running this weekend!

What are some of your New Years goals? Comment below 🙂


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