Friday Favorites + The Woodlands Marathon + Race Discount Codes

Happy Saturday. I thought it was Sunday for half of the morning but who really knows what day of the week it is between Christmas and New Years?!

So, I’m doing Friday Favorites on here…. on a Saturday. I started yesterday but got distracted 🙂

I’ve had several of you ask me about a few items, so here you go!

First is this amazing book! You’re mental strength is so important and this book will make you think more than you ever have. It’s a little pricey, but it’s so freaking worth it. I LOVE this book so far. If your mental strength is strong, your legs and heart will follow! Order and read about this book HERE and let me know how awesome it is!

Everyone has asked about my fancy cable knit ear warmers 🙂 All 6 are only about $15 on amazon and can be ordered HERE

So, who doesn’t like a little RUNspiration while drinking their morning (or evening) cup of coffee? These are my favorite and they all make me very happy! Can order them HERE and HERE and HERE and finally HERE and feel RUNderful 😂

It’s a new year and many of you will be using a new training journal. This one comes highly recommended!

Believe in your training; believe in yourself.

Inside are designated grids for recording data and times as well as space to process and dream. The journal offers a full year of undated weeks, an annual calendar, worksheets, quizzes, lists, and plenty of space for notes.

There is thought-provoking insight on how to define goals, how to respect your body, how to deal with adversity, and how to get mentally tough for competition―all to help you find balance in your running and become a healthier, happier, and better athlete. Start 2020 right and order HERE

To get myself through 60 mile weeks and running against some crazy wind, I have been inhaling the newest flavor of GU HERE

Twice the amount of caffeine as any other Roctane, sodium, BCAA… all the things you need to perform and recover at your best! What’s the flavor? Cold Brew Coffee! ☕️

Okay, so on to some exciting stuff! Race discounts!!!!!

I have a full marathon and three half marathons on my calendar in the next 5 months and couldn’t be more excited!

I have decided to add an incredible race to my calendar on March 7th, 2020 and couldn’t be more excited! The Woodlands Marathon is a world-class event, fast and flat and one I’ve always wanted to run.

Events include a marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 5-kilometer race and 2-kilometer Fun Run/Walk.

The Woodlands Marathon makes a positive impact in the local community, Houston region and across the nation through the sport of running. There are currently 34 out of 50 states registered so sign up today!

The Woodlands Marathon Management has raised and donated over $370,000 to local, regional and national non-profit and volunteer organizations since 2012.

In the inaugural rebirth of the The Woodlands Marathon event organizers developed the “Cheer Challenge”, where community villages support the participants with cheer zones along the 13.1 miles of course.

Additionally, The Woodlands Marathon Management, LLC supports the running industry by offering an Elite Prize Purse for professional runners providing them an opportunity to earn money on their performance. So, if you’re super speedy, this is a great race for you to earn some extra dough!

I will be running the half marathon, so come and join me or sign up for any distance and receive 15% off using code ROADRUNNERCHICK15

It’s a flat and fast course, a beautiful route and has all of the crowd support you could want! Come run with me!

Also on my calendar is the Houston Marathon on January 19th, 2020. While it’s sold out, you can race the half or full by running with a charity. Visit Chevron Houston Marathon for more info and don’t miss out! See you in Houston! Three weeks and counting! You can see last year’s race recap HERE

February has a challenging but beautiful race in store for me! The Austin Marathon ( you can see my race recap from last year HERE ) is one of a kind!

Austin was one of my favorite races last year, and the beauty of the city, amazing expo, and tons of crowd support totally made the hills worthwhile. You do get a downhill portion as you head towards the State Capital! Race along open roads that pass along iconic landmarks and unique neighborhoods as you finish in FRONT of the capital. How freaking cool! Plus, the after party rocks!

Use code TaushAus2020 for $5 off any distance! PS – the medal is a belt buckle. Welcome to Texas!

If you have ever ran a Scallywompus race, you know you come for the race and stay for the party! They offer 13.1/10k/5k distances at all races and go 4 deep in each age group for awards. The medals are awesome and sometimes can open a bottle of beer 🙂

They offer races all year round, and you can sign up for one or an entire series for SUCH a good price. Plus, use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 for 15% off any race or series!

Sign up and see different parts of the city and surrounding area but get to know many of the runners! It’s a good time!

Alright, I think this post has gotten long. However, I’ve given you some fun races to put on your calendar for the beginning of 2020! I know for me, having some races to look forward to keeps me excited and accountable!

Also, if you are looking for a coach to get you across a finish line next year, no matter the distance, send me an email at as I’d LOVE to be part of your journey!

The best views come after the hardest climb. Let’s see how far up we can go!

Have a great weekend!


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