Running in the Cold + Cold Favorites + Benefits of Cold Weather Running

If you love running, there isn’t much that won’t stop you from getting outside and pounding the pavement, except possibly cold, wet and windy winter weather. Now, I live in Texas so I know I have it easy compared to lots of people. However, we adapt to our environment so if it’s not something we are used to, it sucks 🙂

Texas is weird. It can be 80 one day and 30 the next, so having a plan and sticking to it makes it that much easier to get out the door on those cold mornings/nights. I also remind myself of how draining and miserable the heat and humidity was and how I always feel so good once warmed up in the cold…

Tips for Pounding Pavement in the Cold & Early AM Hours

  • Set your clothes out the night before. All of them. Down to your thermal underwear if needed.
  • Have your fuel, water and/or recovery drink prepared so all you have to do is grab.
  • Don’t allow yourself to hit snooze… or you’ll keep hitting it.
  • Minimize distractions at night so you can fall asleep easy, and wake up rested.
  • Reward yourself after. I bribe myself on the daily.
  • Chase the sunrise. One of my favorite parts of a morning run. Getting to see the world come alive.

Tips for Making Running in the Cold Suck Less in General

Now, I prefer to run in the cold… once I’m out in it and warmed up. LOL. I run faster in the cold and can embrace it way longer than the heat. Be grateful for the seasons as they test and challenge you in different ways that make you a stronger runner. Embrace the suck.

  • Don’t over dress. Take into account where you’re planning to run and try to warm up inside if possible to get your blood flowing.
  • Have a specific race to train for. If you have something on your calendar you are much more likely to get out in that cold and get those miles in. Staying motivated gives those runs extra purpose!
  • Find a running buddy. If you are someone that enjoys the company of others while running, grab you a winter running buddy. This will hold both of you accountable for rolling out of bed and or the front door.
  • Cover your ears and your hands. Period. You lose so much heat through these areas that if it’s freezing this becomes so important. I learned this lesson the hard way during my very first marathon. I was so cold I couldn’t grip the water cups or open my GU. Never again! You will be amazed and how much more comfortable you’ll be if you cover those two areas!
  • Know that you will run faster in colder weather than in humidity and heat. Embrace the suck. Get warmed up and enjoy the run! Winter is the perfect time for some awesome PRs!

Cold Weather Favorites

The items above are some of my current favorite. The ear warmers come in dozens of colors are are super stylish! My sister just bought a few and I fell in love with them so ordered me some as well! The hand warmers I buy in bulk and they totally last the ten hours. They have saved my life during recent runs and then I put them in my pockets to keep me warm rest of the day 🙂

Above all else… remember that we do this for fun. We run because we love it. Remember the reasons why, the good you feel after, and the amazing things your body does every time you lace up those shoes! We don’t have to run. We get to run. Sun or snow, embrace it and keep running my friends!

How do you deal with running in the cold?

What races do you have coming up?

What are some running essentials you can’t live without?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!