Importance of a Running Coach + Christmas is Here + Marriage License

It’s beginning to look a lot like… yup, you guessed it…. Christmas!

Sunday we decided to go ahead and get a tree and decorate. It’s definitely the earliest I’ve ever had a tree up, but we knew that with wedding, Thanksgiving, a few races, etc…. it would be the first of December at least (which is totally practical, I know) before we would get around to decorating. We tried that last year and everything was picked over. So, how cool will it be to enjoy it all for the next few weeks, and then come home from all the turkey day and wedding fun and it already be Christmas in our little home 🙂

Bella even got in the spirit!

It was also neat to see some of our Virginia ornaments from our first Christmas!

While we were out and about getting Christmas decor and wedding stuff, we stopped at Chick Fil A. I got one of the side salad things and grilled nuggets, and I immediately told Lynn that if I can fit a salad in my hand, it’s way too small!

So, I proceeded to make a Taushah sized salad for dinner topped with tuna. Now THAT’S a salad!

A lot of people have been asking about the importance of a running coach, if I use one and if I coach as well.

The answer to the second and third question above is, yes! I have an amazing coach who I am truly lucky to work with! She is a perfect fit for me and what I need and I admire her very much! I am a better runner with her in my corner and I appreciate her more than she could ever know. Find someone you click with, who encourages you but challenges you! None of the cookie cutter training crap, who takes the time to create plans that are unique for your goals, your foundation and adjusts how and when needed. That’s the sign of a coach who is in tune with YOU!

 I am the head track and cross country coach for an all girls high school and coach athletes on the side as well. Running is my passion, and to be able to share my love for the sport with others is so very rewarding. I love being a part of the journey of so many of you, watching goals be crushing and finish lines crossed.  

Whether you’re a brand-new runner, a devoted weekend warrior or an aspiring elite, there are plenty of ways working with a running coach will improve your running. If the thought of hiring a coach seems daunting or a little “extra,” it’s actually not. Many coaching options (group sessions, virtual coaching, customized online training plans) are really affordable, and you probably won’t have to meet your coach down at the track at zero-dark-thirty every morning… unless you want to 🙂 My coach and I communicate online, and all of my athletes are coached online although I’ve met and ran races with several of them.

Some of my favorite things about having a coach (and things I provide as well to my athletes)

  • I don’t have to think about my plans as they are made for me. I get them weekly, process and then execute. I then report back my workouts, feedback, etc from the week and it aids in the next weeks plan. I love it.
  • I always have someone who is holding me accountable. Whether my coach knows it or not, she is in the back of my head for every workout as I know I have to report numbers back. If I skip a workout (which I don’t) it messes up the whole week of training as each run has a purpose. When I don’t feel like pushing, I know I have to as she is going to be looking at my times. No room for excuses, just results.
  • I know that I can trust in the process, have an ear when a workout or run didn’t go as planned, have someone just as excited as me when I pull something amazing out of my hat, and in the same moment… someone to keep my humble, grateful and hungry.

I would highly recommend having a coach. They can and will get you to where you want to be if you find one that fits for you and your goals. Motivation and support, proper training and plans and a personal cheerleader are an amazing thing to have while working so hard to reach a goal!

I would love to work with some of you if you are looking to reach a goal. Whether it be your first 5k, a faster half marathon… a 50 miler… I’d be honored to be part of your journey. Right now and through Thanksgiving I’m running an all inclusive $100.00 a month rate. So, sign up now and your monthly charge will stay at $100 a month, for as long as you chose to have me as your coach. This includes as much or as little communication as you’d like via text, Instagram, phone, etc… Coaching shouldn’t be limited. I want to be available at any time to answer any question when it comes to your success! One of my athletes just ran a 14 minute half marathon PR and is going to run her first marathon in December. I couldn’t be more proud!

Send me an email at and let’s talk about your goals and the journey to get you to there!

So, the above happened a few days ago! Yup, we have officially registered to get married and picked up our marriage license on Wednesday.

How is it possible that in 15 days I will have a wife?! She truly is my better half, and I wouldn’t be me without her anymore. She completes me 100% 🙂

Yesterday was a run in the pouring rain! My eyelashes almost floated away and it was cold, but… I pushed through. Medium effort warmup with a time trial in the middle, followed by a few mile cool down made for an 8+ mile run. Loved it! I’ve found that having different parts to my runs, makes it go by so much faster for me. I can’t WAIT for the San Antonio half!

Hope ya’ll have a great start to your weekend!


  • Anyone running the Indy Half? GOOD LUCK!
  • Have any questions about having a running coach?
  • What is your favorite thing about this time of year as we head into the holiday season?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!