Happy Halloween + Back on Track + Happy, Hungry and Humble + Be in the Now + Austin Marathon

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I need to know what everyone did and what costumes were worn!

So, has anyone else heard Christmas Carols as of yet? I have and I’ll admit I’m not quite ready for it! Listen, I was that kid that would cry taking down the Christmas tree and loved Holiday movies more than anything! I wanted Christmas Spirit to be present in every situation, always! However, when Christmas is present BEFORE Halloween, it takes some joy out. We all need to slow down and stay in the now. Enjoy each holiday as we only get so many in this lifetime. No need to rush into the next one! Be present. Be in the now.

We only got a wreath last year as time got away from us. Only Christmas of my life I haven’t had a tree, and the last.

That being said, we will be ordering a Christmas tree this weekend to set up as soon as it arrives. Why? Because the next few weeks leading up to wedding and Thanksgiving will be a blur. When we come down from the high of both of those amazing things, we want to have Christmas all ready to go in our little home 🙂

I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks. So, I’m going to be back on track with at least a daily short blog post. Also, no way I can type up two weeks of fun and crazy into one post, so I’ll spread you all and break it down into a few pics and sentences!

Above, we met with our amazing photographer Dempag Photography who is also the awesome DJ for our wedding! We had some great food while we talked fun things!

Lynn also got us tickets to the Goo Goo Dolls last Sunday! We had meet and greet VIP tickets so I will have a picture to share soon 🙂

Running has been great, and I’m staying humble, grateful and hungry! My coach keeps me grounded and I’m lucky to have her truly in my corner! These little legs have come a long way in the past 4 weeks. Again, I wish I wouldn’t have lost several months of base training, but I can’t control that. All I can control is the now. Similar to what I described above with the holidays. Enjoy and stay in the now. It’s all we got. Be grateful for it!

We’ve had some crazy weather the past week. Strong ass winds and 20 degrees in the morning. However, I prepare my clothes, recovery drink and myself mentally to get out and do the workouts. This is all a journey and one I’m lucky to have a ticket to ride!

I’m also excited as I’ve been asked to be an Austin Marathon ambassador. I’ll be doing the half in February (my 34th) and would love to run with you! Sign up for any distance and use code TaushAus2020 for $5 off any distance!

So, much more blogging to come! Getting back on track as so many exciting things to come!

See you at the Start Line!

What did you do for Halloween?

What are some of your holiday traditions?

What races do you have on your calendar?


One thought on “Happy Halloween + Back on Track + Happy, Hungry and Humble + Be in the Now + Austin Marathon

  1. I’m so with you! As much as I adore the holidays, I like to soak up each holiday for all it’s worth (except this semester Halloween and Thanksgiving areeee a bit clouded by school work, unfortunately- oh, well there is always next year, hehe!). I cannot believe how close your wedding is!!!! A Goo Goo Dolls concert?! I swear, y’all do the coolest things all. the. time!! Thanks for sharing. I’ve missed sooo much reading your blog, but glad I could at least pop in for a couple moments!!

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