Bachelorette Weekend in NOLA + Stuck In Houston Scare + 5 Weeks

How did the weekend go by so quickly?! The past 36 hours was a blast and I’m sad it’s already over! It’s so important to be present in and to appreciate each moment as they go by so quickly. So many memories were made!

I’m currently sitting on a bus on our way to the cross country state meet. Lynn is still in NOLA for another few days with our friends. So, I figured this would be a perfect time to share some of the best parts of my time there!

Our flight to NOLA was Friday evening and we got to our destination about 6:30. Lynn and I had a lot of fun on the plane, she jammed out to music, and I read a book.

I actually really like flying and find the whole adventure and hustle bustle of it a ton of fun! Anything over 3 hours or so though and I’m completely over it. Luckily though our flight was only an hour and 29 minutes or so and it when off without a hitch!

Rachel, Lynn’s Maid of Honor, outdid herself over the weekend. The girls went out of their way as well to decorate and make it special and fun!

Rachel picked everyone up from the airport, at different times, and drove around the entire city buying decorations and some amazing food to have for the weekend. I don’t know how she got it all done! Thanks to all of our girls for everything, it was special from the moment we walked into our awesome Airbnb!

When we first walked in, we saw some really cute sashes that Whitney, my Maid of Honor, sent for us to strut around in for our time there. We started contemplating right away who would get what sash! Then we found out there were like 7 more the next morning. Love it!

The balloons, Wifey for Lifey banner and the picture wall was so cute and absolutely added to the cuteness and fun!

There were even props to hold while everyone took pictures!

Rachel has placed some really cute Love themed items out that would be prizes for games to be played, and even went to La Madeline’s to get those giant heart Linzer cookies. They were delicious!

I forgot to get pictures of the whole house and took mostly videos for MY INSTAGRAM but it was adorable and an old quaint and home style New Orleans House. Few rooms had own beds, and few rooms had bunk beds.

Being that it was 8 or so before we got settled, we simply went to dinner and then headed to pick up our last girl from the airport after.

We ate dinner at Vessel, which was an old church, and enjoyed! It was very pricey for what you got, but it was a lot of fun and the food hit the spot.

I forgot to take a picture of what I ordered (smallest salad in the world) but here are some crawfish croquettes and a cheese platter that were pretty good!

Saturday was freaking awesome and it started by not getting a lot of sleep, but the fatigue was quickly erased when we saw what a beautiful spread they had put out for us to eat.

I mean, there was everything. It was laid out beautifully. It hit the spot. It was pretty much perfect and so so so very thoughtful! Really set the tone for an incredible day!

I mean. She even had identifiers for the food. Loved it! And, we ended up munching on all of this later that night making a much bigger dent in it for dinner than we did for breakfast.

The girls all had some mimosas of different flavors, but I stuck with water as I was trying to be good for the most part this weekend. With such a short stay, little to no sleep, a run I have to get in today (Sunday) and knowing it would be busy with cross country, I figured it best. I’ve also decided this year the crazy is behind and the responsible is all I want. 😁

The glasses were as much fun as the sashes as they were inscribed with Bride and/or Bride Tribe. We all loved them!

The first place we went was Bottom of the Cup – Tea Room, to get a tarot card reading. We had never done so several of the girls decided to try.

The place was very interesting and much more touristy than we thought it would be. The lady did an okay job, but she was reading from some opera on her lap and the room smelled like some of the worst body odor I’ve ever smelled in my life. It was hard to focus!

They gave us a CD of the reading so we might have to listen again with fresh ears… and better oxygen.

We piled in the car and were already taunting each other with the bachelorette card game of dares.

The one and only card I did was my first one. Some of the girls were brave, kissing a bald guys head, proposing to a random stranger, etc…

The first bar we were at was extremely loud and the DJ was very in our faces, but we had fun before moving on to the next.

Here are just a few random pics.

The girls were having way too much fun with the game. I’m obviously shaking my head…. and loving it 🙂

After that crazy place, Rachel and Liz split up for some Beignets and we continued to tour the streets of NOLA.

There was a Halloween parade appending at 6pm so we wanted to get good seating and decided to stay in the area.

Cortney was a mess (she’s hilarious) and caught her in the act of it 🙂

The girls got some pizza, then we headed towards the start of the parade route. It was packed!

We caught quite a bit of junk! Lots of moon pies and Cheetos which I’ve never had thrown at me like ever. LOL! I also got some beads and a light up skeleton necklace!

The girls were dancing in the street after, totally enjoying themselves. Traffic was a nightmare so we took our time, and it still took us an hour to go 4 miles.

The streets were filthy and it was time to go! Liz and I had a 4am wake up for the airport, but the girls went to a peep show while we headed to bed. Lynn of course woke me up to show me pictures promptly when she got home, so I haven’t slept in 3 days now. Lol!

Yesterday was such a blast! The girls had a lingerie party for us last night with more games as well! I won’t share those pics, but it was a ton of fun and full of laughs!

We are so lucky to have such good friends. I truly feel incredibly blessed for where I’m at in life and that it’s filled with such special and loving friends and family! I couldn’t be marrying anyone more perfect, or perfect for me. I’m so excited to marry my best friend in 5 weeks and continue the fun from the bachelorette! Its going to be amazing and I couldn’t wish for anything more than what is in front of me right now!

Lynn sent me this picture as she was getting ready and I was already half way back to San Antonio. My flight was delayed and entire hour in the Houston layover as there was something broken in the landing of in Dan Antonio and they wouldn’t clear ya until fixed. I had a bus to catch for cross country, so I was really starting to sweat!

I had a few cups of coffee and read to not focus on the what if, and an hour later we were back up in the air and I was in an Uber almost as soon as we landed. I got to our apartment with 45 minutes to shower, unpack, and repack. It smelled like Lynn’s perfume and I missed her incredibly! Can’t wait to reconnect with her tomorrow and I know she’s in good hands with the girls!

Thanks for an incredible weekend! Can’t wait to see y’all in 5 weeks as I marry my person and become Taushah Papke! I like the ring of that 🙂

I am now on the bus, phone about to die… but state cross country meet, here we come! My girls are more than ready!

Ps – I still have to get a run in tonight. 8pm seems like the perfect time! I should sleep really well after that 🙂


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