There Is No Pause + Embrace the Suck + Welcome the Elements + Bachelorette Weekend

This has been another start to a great week! I’ve got almost 50 miles under me for the past 7 days and my legs are feeling stronger and I’m so grateful!

Monday night we had a date night planned as I had bought tickets for another movie. It was a one night showing and was a documentary about, what else, running!

It was an inspiring movie and I’m glad we went. Something I do regret a little is the $40 bucks on movie food to chow down on as we watched. $12 bucks for a salad about 10% the size of what I’d normally eat?

It’s okay though, it was a memory and it’s not like movie theaters are known for incredible salad. My salad mountains that I eat at home aren’t really normal either so there’s that….

At least the loaded tots and gummy bears didn’t disappoint!

Anyways, Monday’s workout was a brutal hill workout that followed a 3 to 4 mile warmup and ended with a mile time trial.

Let’s just say that the hill I chose wasn’t kind, but each rep was faster and I felt good enough after for a solid fast mile! These legs are taking care of me…. but I’m also doing everything I can to ensure they have what they need to recover properly and be set up for success for another workout. I’ll share some of those things at the end of this post 🙂

I’m really excited to try the Nike Vaporfly NEXT I was sent on Tuesday to try. I’m usually a Brooks girl and will continue to run in my normal until I have some solid foundation post stress fracture. Things are moving along well and I don’t want to change anything up that could cause another injury. However, pretty pumped to put these to the test soon!

Tuesday and Wednesday had some tough parts too including a ton of lunges and squats, band work, time trials and repeats. Got through feeling good! The cooler weather is nice and excited to see that trend continue!

It was pouring yesterday and very windy, if you couldn’t tell by the rats nest in my hair!

Let me just say that 7 easy miles today was amazing as there was nothing crazy mixed in. 7 slow ass miles, but 7 miles none the less!

Hard workout tomorrow and then off Saturday!

Why am I off Saturday? Because after my cross country practice and my workout tomorrow… we hop on a plane for New Orleans! It’s Bachelorette weekend!!!!! I have to cut it in half as we had booked the trip before I got the coaching job, and my girls have their state meet Sunday-Monday. So, I get to do two amazing things over the next 4 days! Lynn better behave without me 🙂

Much more to come the next few days!

Few take aways from this week:

  • Embrace the suck
  • There is no “Pause” on Race Day
  • Welcome the Elements

Embrace the suck as it’s what makes you stronger. Running is hard. Life is busy. However, when you go into it knowing that parts of it are going to be unfun, hard, good training runs and sometimes bad training runs… you’ll appreciate it so much more. Welcome the uncomfortableness as that’s when magic happens. If it didn’t suck or wasn’t hard at times, everyone would do it. It doesn’t really suck though or we wouldn’t keep lacing up our shoes! Embrace every part of your training and workouts as that’s what gets you to race day!

There is no “pause” on race day! This thought came into my head during a hard time trial this week. I wanted to quit/pause the Garmin for a few minutes so badly, but I told myself that on race day that isn’t an option. You can’t pause a Garmin on race day and make the time stop. Wether you run, walk or crawl… the time still ticks. So, push through. Find something else to focus on. Dig deep. There is no pause on the way to a goal or PR!

Welcome the Elements! As winter and colder months start to creep in…. finally… it is harder to get out of a warm bed to head out into the cold, rain, wind or snow for a run. We all pray to the running gods for perfect race day weather, but that is a variable none of us can control. So, during a wet and windy interval day I decided to welcome the Elements as who is to say they aren’t present during an important race. The race will still start, and I will still run. So, the more I practice in everything Mother Nature has to offer, the less uncomfortable or foreign it will feel. Welcome it, and still keep praying to those running Gods 🙂

If you need me I’ll be rolling out my legs! I also need to pack. So many amazing things are going to happen in the last 10 weeks of the decade!

Talk this weekend and hope you have a great Friday!

– What is your favorite race day weather/Temperature?

– Have you ever been to New Orleans? Any recommendations?

– Anyone Have a race this weekend?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!