Weekly running + Scallywompus 5k with Cross Country Girls + Top 4 + Tips for Getting out the door in the Early Mornings

Another fabulous week is almost in the books! One more week of cross country and then back to my norm, more blogging, serious marathon training and a little thing called a wedding!

I’ve been trying to get myself as put together as possible at night so in the morning all I have to do is throw some contacts in and go. Being that colder weather is upon us, having things as laid out as much as possible will help get you out the door before the excuses start! It’s helped me tremendously with the 3:10am wake up calls these past three months.

  • Lay out your clothes and shoes the night before your run.
  • If you are doing a run which requires fuel, have that left out as well. I’ve even been putting my GU protein recovery powder in a shaker so that I can just grab and fill after my run with the water I take with me! Recovery is SO important, don’t skip out on giving your body what it needs to start healing from a workout!
  • Have a towel or change of clothes if Rain is suspected
  • Make sure all music is charged if you run with it.
  • Tell yourself as you go to sleep that the early alarm is worth it. The early alarms are important to reaching goals. Those early alarms also let you get those early morning endorphins and see the world as it wakes up for a new day!
  • Have water bottles filled and ready to simply grab.
  • Have your workouts plugged into your Garmin so its a no brainer the next morning.
  • Remind yourself as you get up that you GET to run, you don’t HAVE to run. Enjoy the journey.

Speaking of fuel and recovery for runs, GU sent me a very sweet thank you care package and I couldn’t be more grateful. The recovery is my newest obsession and you know I can’t function in training without my gels. Check out MY GEAR for more items and links! Thank you GU!

Lynn’s brother Erik sent us his picture mid week and I laughed and laughed! It looks just like Emmy and Bella!

I got my R8 Roll Recovery in and have used it every night! I’ll do a review this week but I love it so far! It’s def a good hurt and I know it’s going to help keep my muscles strong and happy!

This week was another great week for the legs! I’ll have about 45 for the week when all is said and done after tomorrow’s run. I’ll take it!

Strength was a focus this week and my legs were heavier, but I know it’ll make them stronger. I pushed hard, worked through some mental rough spots on a few runs, and am grateful for another week on the roads! It’s still taking me a bit longer to get warmed up and legs turning over quickly, but I’m learning to appreciate what my body gives me. Speed is getting back slowly but surly, however, I have a long way to go for my goals! That’s the beauty of it though!

I’ll break down runs a bit more next week as I’ll have a bit more time moving forward, but this week is in the books and happy for a solid week!

I had signed up my cross country team for a very hilly 5k this morning in Helotes. I figured this would be a good way to end the season, and mentally prepare Varsity for State next week (which is only 2 miles), so if they could crush today… I figured they’d go in confident for that important meet.

So, my alarm went off at 3:10am. I had a long warmup with some 2 mile repeats followed by a cool down to get in for the day before I met the girls for the 5k.

I hit the track for the first time in months for the interval portion. It was freezing cold and windy as hell, but I got it done! Felt good to run on something besides roads and concrete and on an even surface! I’m excited to start working a bit more on speed, although it always gives me anxiety before a workout as I know it’s going to hurt! Running is such a funny sport 😆

I had never been to Helotes and the race was in a quaint area. Very Fredericksburg, and the start/finish was at the Winery. Mom and Dad Papke and Lynn came and had a blast as well!

Lynn and Mom P helped hand medals out at the finish line, and Dad P heckled the DJ which was hilarious!

I gave my girls a pep talk and before we knew it, after shivering for over an hour, they were off! I had a feeling one of my girls was going to pull off the win… but imagine my excitement when the first 4 females to cross were MY GIRLS! I lost it and was beaming with pride and excitement for them! They even beat the boys! I had 8 of my 11 girls that had signed up place, and some of the parents ran and did great as well! Was so much fun!

We then handed out awards for all 3 races. So cool to see so many amazing runners and familiar faces! I got to meet a few Instagram friends briefly, but next time we need pictures! Sorry I looked awful as I didn’t shower and change after my morning run! Lol

After we finished at the 5k, we headed home so I could shower. We then headed to a few breweries and I fell asleep for a few minutes in the back seat. Lynn of course was more than willing to send me some pictures!

There was a brewery in Alamo Heights that I’d like to visit again. I didn’t have any beer, but opted for an electrolyte drink instead. Be proud 🙂

We then ate at Tomatillos and I didn’t take a picture of my food (not impressed this visit), so I’ll show you a picture of my amazing salad from last night!

Great end to a Saturday, and guess what?! It’s 8:20 and I can barely keep eyes open so going to head to bed as I have an early morning workout.

The next few months is going to be nuts and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Good luck to those running tomorrow and to all my friends racing in Chicago! You can. You will. Leave it all out there! You got this!


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