Haunted Houses + All Things Running + Wedding Venue + Sentence Per Picture

Happy Monday!

It’s been a few days and I don’t want this to turn into a novel so we will do a sentence per picture on this post 🙂

Friday was a great run as briefly mentioned in THIS post. I blogged while doing cryotherapy, but so much happened between Friday evening and today! All good and so much running 🙂

Friday evening, I had a team building for my cross country girls. What better way to bond than making haunted houses out of sugar. Not sure if they glued or chewed more candy! Which one is your favorite?

Saturday morning was one of the last cross country meets of the season. I was SO proud of the girls and saw so much heart and perseverance on that course. I wanted them to focus on strong finishes… fight for every second as you headed towards that finish line!

When things start to hurt, focus on someone ahead of you and try to pass them. Never slow right before you cross that finish line… you work way too hard the entire course…. NEVER, EVER give up seconds. Ever! My girls picked off a lot of girls on those final 100 meters. I was very proud!

I got back at noon… when it was 95 degrees and hot outside. Still had my 12ish Miles to run… all with tough elevation for strength. I almost died. Lol

The above was the warmup of an hour…. the below was the 2 mile repeats I had to do!

I also was chafing (TMI?) and was SO glad that I was parked in front of IRun, so I walked my happy butt inside and bought some body glide.

I then accidentally bought another pair of Goodr sunglasses while there! They are the Merry Flocking Christmas edition! Love me some Goodr!

I was VERY proud of getting through that workout and having almost a 40 mile week under my belt already. First week back where I’ve felt pretty good! So grateful!

I knew my legs were going to be talking to me on Sunday, so I made sure to roll them out! Twice!

After a well deserved shower, we headed out to Mission Marque Outdoor Movies to watch McFarland USA. Yes, it’s a movie ABOUT running/cross country! Lynn is such a trooper.

We saw some friends from Scallywompus there and after perusing the area and buying sno-cones before settling on the ground with blankets and a chair. Why one chair? Lynn swore we had two in the car. I knew we didn’t. Guess who was right?

Thomas Valles, the top runner from that championship team, was present and I got to meet him! What an honor.

Got to bed around 1am which was pure hell for me, but I still set my alarm for 7am (which is late for me) as I had a 75 minute run to flush Saturday’s torture out of my legs. Lol

I ran around the RIM for the entire run and really really enjoyed it. My legs were heavy but was a really feel good run. Nice, slow, easy and in control. I was very happy with how the week ended! 42 miles total for the week. Not too shabby considering a few weeks ago I was hobbling through a few miles. #sosograteful

Sunday we had a meeting at Barons Creek Vineyards, our wedding venue, to go over day of details, menu, etc! Our good friends are helping us and we are more appreciative of them than they know!

We have less than 50 days until the I Do’s! It’s getting crazy and I can’t wait! The next 90 days are going to be filled with so much love and excitement!

My wild (not!) Sunday ended with me plugging in my Monday morning workout! Oh yeah, and setting a 3:17am alarm.

I am so excited for another week of training, cooler weather and wedding planning! So many things to be grateful for 🙂


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