Solid Week of Running + I Did It + 90 Days Left In Decade + Friday Favorites

How in the world has another week gone by and how the heck is it already October?! Not just that but October 4th?!

It has been a gllloooooorrrious week (Hocus Pocus anyone?!) and I’m finally back up to some mileage, hitting 40 or so in the last 7 days! Getting back to where I need, slowly but surly.

Monday started off with some easy miles after Sunday’s 12 that included 988 feet of elevation gain! I had one hell of a time getting legs to open up and was one of the slowest few miles I’ve ever ran. However, instead of being bummed… I was just grateful to be running!

I’m still very tight and I feel locked up in the morning. Zero fluidity and my Athletic Director actually asked if I was in pain as I was running today (I wasn’t, just tight). I guess I still have a bit of a hobble to my wobble!

I’m doing everything I can to ensure I’m taking care of these muscles… which take care of me! I’m setting out protein at night to ensure I grab when I head out in the mornings. Then I just have to add water within that 30 minutes or so after to fuel my body properly. My girls have noticed and a few of them have started to bring as well. Lead by example, you never know who is watching!

I’ve also seen the amazing Dale Londos twice in the last week to get my muscles to cooperate. He’s worked on athletes like Meb…. no big deal.

Turmeric has also been my friend! Pull fork though as I don’t like the taste!

Tuesday was some speed and strength. I have lost fitness but not grit, patience or perseverance. It’ll come back and easing body into the new cycle. It’s getting there and I’m grateful! Workout by workout I’m seeing progress and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Once he warmup is up that is and I don’t look like I’m hobbling!

What a Warm-Up Does

An effective warm-up should raise your core body temperature. This is especially important if you’re heading into a workout in wintertime. A warm-up also increases blood flow to your muscles and primes your heart for an increase in activity. Aim for a warm-up that activates your muscles and prepares them to work.

Keep in mind: Most experts agree that runners shouldn’t wait longer than 10 minutes between their warm-up and start time, or they risk losing some of the benefits of the warm-up. I have to tell my girls this all the time. They want to warmup way too far in advance and I always have to explain to them that it defeats the purpose. Just like if you wait too long to cool down after a workout….. as all you’ll be doing is warming up again if you are already cold.

Tuesday’s workout was tough but I enjoyed it as it pushed me! I was good again and finished with protein recovery!

Wednesday was rest, and boy was it needed! I couldn’t wait to see Dale on Thursday and I knew I had a moderately hard progressive run with a time trial in the middle that morning. Got to take care of the muscles! My hips were sore as is that darn calf still so it was a good pain getting that worked on!

Finished my protein with a Plumcot, the most delicious fruit ever! Yum

Dinner was a salad the size of my face. I seared some tuna to put on top and went to bed fuller than anyone ever should! Lol

Friday’s Run was an easy timed run, but progressive and I pushed a bit last few miles. I love getting to run through the athletic complex of UIW and always feel so safe. Cops, athletes and coaches everywhere! I started out right and rigid again, but by the end I was good to go.

I ran so hard during one of my runs I created a hole in my sock! Lol

The university and high school connect in a way with a sky bridge that goes over the freeway. I always enjoy running the 100 meters or so across as you can see a lot of the city and hear the hustle and bustle taking place.

So, I did it. I finally ordered one of the R8 Roll Recoveries like pictured above. I can’t wait to get it as I think it will really help get the fluidity back into these muscles. I ordered another insert for it too that gets deeper into the muscles. Can’t wait to get it in the mail and bust that bad boy out.

Our legs are our tools in this sport. I’ve been injured twice in the past year, and will do everything I can to prevent that from happening again. We have to take care of our legs and bodies so they can get through the miles on the road and toward those finish lines safe and injury free.

If that means extra time stretching, recovering, sleeping, icing, rolling, getting massages, putting fuel back in to help them recover, etc… then that’s what we need to do! Our legs are what help us reach our goals. Appreciate all that they do on those roads to get us where we want to go! Figuratively and literally.

Speaking of goals and dreams. We have 90 days left in not just this year, but this decade! Pick something you’ve wanted to do and put it on your calendar! There is no time like the present 🙂

Friday Favorites

To be a Runner is one of my favorite inspirational books about the sport. I gave my other copy to one of my cross country girls so I ordered another one to replace it. Get your copy HERE and feel inspired! You will want to lace up as soon as you are finished with the first three pages 🙂

I ordered 6 more books and these three came in as well already! I am SO excited to read! Click to order and be inspired by others while reaching your own goals!

More Fun Friday Favorites:

These socks!!!!! Love them and can be worn to inspire, to remind of accomplishments and all around fun. I love them! Click 13.1 Athletic Running Socks and 26.2 Athletic Running Socks to order yours so we can match 🙂

I got my pictures in from the half marathon almost two weeks ago. It made me grateful for this body of mine and so hopeful for the fall/winter and future running! Mile by mile. I can. I will.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


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