Finally + Sunday Runday + Talking about GU & Recovery with IRun Texas

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! It’s starting to feel like fall… wait, no it’s not. HA!

PS – Can you tell where Bella has snagged my marigold sweater? Yeah, I can’t have anything nice! I loved the green/blue/marigold colors, but was WAY to hot for a sweater. Isn’t it almost October? Sigh

I came across the quote above yesterday, and love it. Mark Twain was pretty smart 🙂 It’s all about the determination, focus, patience, perseverance and heart that goes into any goal or dream that makes the difference. Remember this and no effort will ever go wasted. Ever.

Yesterday was pretty busy as my girls had a cross country meet that started at 7:15am. Bus left at 5:45am so I didn’t have time to get my workout in before the meet. So, I settled for after… when it was 98 degrees outside. Blech!

However, once my legs opened up a few miles in… I really enjoyed the run. I was tight and IT Band was wonky a bit but I had my legs under me and I felt good. I didn’t have my handheld water bottle and I got pretty hot around mile 3, so I stopped into a Circle K and got a cup of ice. Yes, I ran with it for half a mile before I stashed it and came back for it a few miles later.

Funny thing, when I came back there were three dudes chilling on sling chairs right in front of it fishing into the bayou, so I had to politely interrupt their party to get my ice. HA!

I’ve really enjoyed the Alamo Heights running routes I’ve found since I started coaching at IWHS. If you know me at all, you know I get bored easy, so new views and roads/trails are always being searched for!

I bet you’ve never seen a T-Rex on your route before! I was so happy with being able to get my run done while feeling good on my legs, and the fact that I was only half a mile from my car in the heat…. that I had to kiss it. Doesn’t everyone do that?

Lynn was at training all day, so once I got home and showered (I was gross) I cleaned the house for the next few hours. Three loads of laundry later, I realized that most of my items were running related! Hey, you can NEVER have too many running clothes. Ever. Ever, ever!

Bedtime was early as I had a busy morning today! Gu Energy was sending me to talk to IRun Texas Running store at the Dominion about their products. I had the opportunity to speak to a product I’ve used at almost 300 races, and during countless miles on the road. There were about 50 runners, all training for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half or Full and today some of them were running their longest run ever. Was pretty awesome to be a part of that today.

Gu also came out with a roctane Protein Recovery Smoothie earlier this year, so I mixed some of that up and let the runners sample after. It is SO good and I stressed the importance of recovery in that 30 minute window. Don’t waste your workout. Give your muscles what they need to repair and set yourself up for success on your next run.

We put all this time and effort INTO running, runners need to spend more time recovering correctly AFTER their run. All the difference in the world. Also, runners/athletes need to spend time learning what works for their body to ensure they are fueling correctly DURING their run. All of this is crucial in preventing injuries and getting the most out of your training.

While at IRun (Kelly and Tina were AMAZING, as were all the runners) I was invited to run with the group this morning. I had my own agenda this morning per my coach, but decided to start with their teams. I forgot how much I loved running with people. Not really running WITH them, but in a group… all different paces… all encouraging each other and ensuring everyone is safe and accountable. They had the route marked perfectly (HILLY AS HELL), had two water stops set up, and all you had to do was follow the blinking lights on the runners to know you were headed in the right direction. I think I may be doing more runs like this. On my own, but with a group. LOL

I got to test out the Hypervolt after the run. I must have this. Like, it’s a necessity not just a want 🙂 Someone please send my way, I’ll be forever grateful!

I got a 7.1 mile warmup in… followed by a second warmup to a 5k time trial. FINALLY. FINALLY! Finally, I felt great during a run. Sure my legs/hips were a bit tight and tired, but once my legs were a mile or so in, I got in that zone of just knocking down the miles at a consistant pace, picking it up towards the end. I felt so good, not just physically but mentally. Having people around I’m sure helped as I didn’t want to be the GU Girl who couldn’t run. LOL. 12 miles today = celebration. Wait, 12 miles feeling GOOD = celebration. I’m thankful for this body!

So, to reward myself, I bought some things from the store. The shirt says Sunday Runday but is hard to see for whatever reason in the picture. Today was SO needed. SO SO SO needed!

So, I am now sitting here fully showered, enjoying a cup of coffee. HEB shopping was successful as was meal prep for the week. Enchiladas, fixings for taco salad, Kodiak Blueberry Muffins, watermelon cut up and ready to inhale, bite size sandwiches for easy grabbing, ahi tuna seared, salad fixings, rice and oatmeal. Successful Sunday!

16 weeks until the Chevron Houston Marathon. Hotel is booked and I’m going to be working my butt off to get there as strong and as healthy as possible. Here we goooooo……. Can’t wait to take another picture after completed Marathon 22!


What were you up to this weekend?

Is it starting to get cold where you live?

Prefer fall or winter racing?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!