2.5 Days + Whatever My Body Gives Me + Garmin Impresses

After Sunday’s long run, Monday was the pool and I had speed work on Tuesday. I was both excited and nervous as I had a a long warmup and Five 1ks with specific paces to hit. I prayed this little leg of mine would hold up.

I walked away from Tuesday very happy. Always humbled these days, but very happy. Oh yeah, and very sweaty!

The outside calf and side is bothering me as well as the stress reaction. I can’t stand on the leg and squat without some pain or not feeling support, however….. I’m grateful.

  • Grateful for these past few weeks of logging miles on my Garmin.
  • Grateful for the ability to put one foot in front of the other.
  • Excited for this to not be a setback, but rather a comeback.
  • Excited to see what this body of mine can give me on Sunday.
  • Excited to listen more than ever to my body over the next 10 weeks as I’m praying for a strong Rock n Roll Half.

Running is a funny sport, as I mentioned HERE. Running has made me drop to my knees and make me stand taller than I thought possible all in the same day. Heck, same workout.

Running means different things to everyone, but although we all joke about the love hate relationship…. I know I couldn’t live without it. It’s a way to hold myself accountable, an escape, it’s always there and never closed, provides experiences and presents some of the best people I’ve ever met, humbled me and keeps me grateful for this little body that keeps putting one leg in front of the other.

No matter what time I cross that finish line on Sunday, I’ll be proud. Proud I showed up and put in the work. I’ll then set the bar and work towards another finish line. Grateful for every mile.

I have a mile tile trial mixed into my workout tomorrow. Excited to see what these legs have in them at this point as I’m building back up slowly.

Speaking of Garmin above…. last week I looked down at my watch and it was as if the time 10:17 was burned into the watch. For hours.

It made all the functions blurry and my stomach immediately had a pit in it. Watch is barely a few months old and I had a race this weekend… I needed it to work! So, I got on chat support and within 15 minutes another one was already being prepared for shipment to replace the one I had. I am SUPER impressed! Thank you Garmin!!!!!

As we all know…. if the miles aren’t on the Garmin, they didn’t really happen!

2.5 days until I’ll bust it out for its first half! I’m excited!

Now, for a few random pics:

I had to share an adorable picture of Wrigley, my soon to be In-Laws pup. He’s holding the UVA football toy we got him. Isn’t he precious?!?!?!

Also, pretty excited to be on GU Energy Lab’s Instagram as always. I love that stuff and actually get to talk to the product at a running store called I Run here in San Antonio next weekend. Girl stays busy 🙂

Finally, my legs have been baptized in the Lowe’s bucket ice bath. It was cold as hell.

And just for some motivation…. here is a picture of me with Des Linden at last year’s San Antonio Half. I’ll be back in ten weeks, strong AND grateful!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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