Friday Running + Meet the Shamrocks + Most Boring Football Game Ever + Sunday Runday

Friday started with a laugh when I saw the above! That darn Lizzo song is one of the best annoying songs ever! What do I mean by this? I love the song…. but then I can’t get it out of my head. For like hours. Or overnight. Like I wake up humming that damn song. Lol

I hit up Alamo City Cryotherapy after my early morning Friday run. I went into the run very optimistic as although my leg hasn’t stopped bugging, I really wanted to get through it as a week ago I had to skip the workout. My legs literally wouldn’t run, I couldn’t spring forward, so I was determined to get it done this week!

I had a long warmup and I felt okay, but I was excited to see how I could push for the time trial my coach gave me.

I’m going to stop using words like fast or slow for how workouts are going. My coach is incredible and gave me some wonderful words of wisdom. She said that so many favors can change a run and it’s so important to not get in your head as that can change everything!

She’s so right, all I have is the effort I can give in the moment. I CAN control that even if I can’t control the course, weather, etc… So, it’s so important that we all don’t get in our own head, and no matter what we are capable of… to remember that it is enough. Positivity is crucial and I Can and I Will is what we need to keep telling ourselves!

I bought myself a fancy ice bath bucket and used it today! Brrrrrr

Friday night I got to go up to IWHS as it was Meet the Shamrocks night. They introduced the facility and all the coaches with their team.

Was a lot of fun and led into a great Saturday meet for the girls! It was a very tough course and the girls did great! So proud of them!

I showed Lynn the course, and she asked if the blue lines were a really long water slide. Buahaha! Um, no babe! That’s the marked course in which they will run for the meet!

After the meet, we shopped for some classroom stuff for Lynn’s STEM projects and decor and then headed to the Alamodome. UTSA was playing Army and was supposed to be a good game.

Supposed to be.

It was the longest 3 hours of my life. Like, nothing ever happened. The ball never got thrown, it was just tackle, tackle and fumble. Was brutal. UTSA lost, but it was really neat to see all the Military appreciation taking place during the game!

Sunday morning I set an alarm so I didn’t sleep until noon. I had a long-ish run (9ish) planned with a long warmup and some progression. I was so so so happy with the progression and it gave me some hope for this weekend’s half marathon!

GU had a new Cold Brew Coffee flavor with twice the amount of caffeine. I like the flavor and it definitely tasted very much like espresso or coffee.

After I peeled myself off the sidewalk and caught my breath I headed to HEB hell. We hadn’t been to the store in two weeks so we needed a little of everything.

I spent a few hours meal prepping making lots of items to customize poke bowls and salads for the week. YUM!

Lynn and I worked on our day of wedding timeline and reached out to a few of our vendors. It’s getting so close and we are realizing just how much we have to do! Ahhh!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Speed work bright and early!


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