Running is a Funny Sport + Emmy & Bella are Famous + A Better Week

Running is a funny sport:

    When I can’t run, I’d give anything to do it!
    Sometimes when I’m running I’d rather be doing anything else! Yet, I wouldn’t really.
    Then at the end of the workout I can’t wait to recover and do it again!
    When something hurts, I promise myself that I’ll give it TLC and take nothing but the best care of my body when everything feels great!
    I promise myself more sleep during training cycles (Doesn’t always happen, let’s be real)
    I have mental breakdowns during speed work…
    Because I’m either not hitting the paces I did before this injury, or it hurts and I can barely hobble through or I can’t even get a warm up done.
    I rejoice getting through a simple 6 mile easy mile day
    I cry when I’m explaining my workouts to my fiancé because I’m frustrated with my leg…
    I cry when I’m explaining my workouts to my fiancé because I’m grateful my legs got me through another workout…
    I hate running
    Five minutes later I’m in love with running again
    Running brings out the best in a person, and challenges the weaknesses. It’s a pretty cool thing as no one finishes a run or a race and is worse off… no matter how fast or slow they ran. A mile is a mile. We should pat ourselves on the back more!

Then I see the world wake up, the sunrise and fellow runners out doing what they love as well and I’m humbled. Each and every day. I’m grateful I get to put one foot in front of the other although it sometimes might not be as fast as I’d like, feel as good as I’d like, or completing as many miles as I had hoped I’d get in for the week.

The universe is testing me as I’ve stated. I’ve done 270 races or so and I’ve never wanted to put in the work as badly as I do now. I’ve learned along the way, am in the middle of a hiccup, and will come out stronger on the other end of all this! I know it! I also promise myself that I will never take my body for granted, will continue to fuel as it needs, rest as it requires, and most importantly listen to what it needs for recovery and when it screams at me to slow it down for a day or two, I’ll do it!

Tuesday’s workout had a lot of the thoughts and emotions above. I had a long warmup, felt decent after although my leg was talking to me just a bit. I was optimistic on the 400 repeats…. and then I had a mental breakdown and shed some frustrated tears between the second and the third.

Why were those repeats so hard? Why couldn’t I hit the paces I wanted? Because I let the bully in between my ears win for a few minutes. I then got my shit together and finished as strong as I could. Was it my best workout? Not by far. But, I finished it and was still able to put one foot in front of the other. #gratefulfortheselegs

One of my athletes sent me this…. pretty much sums up my life. I had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and half a bag of candy last night. YOLO

Wednesday was my rest day and Thursday was elliptical. Almost as bad as the treadmill and I can’t wait to be 6 days on the roads again. Dear running Gods……

Blue Buffalo sent Emmy and Bella some treats this week as they are going to use a picture I took of them last Christmas with their Santa Snacks on Amazon. Very sweet of them and Emmy is very excited to be famous. So, I naturally had to take another picture 🙂

This week has been much better than last weeks sleep deprived, can’t get through a workout week. I vow every day to be the best version of myself…. the practice what I preach regarding running. I’m getting there…. and the beautiful thing? Every day is a chance to try again.

Have a great weekend! We have a jam packed Friday-Sunday!


– Do you prefer early morning runs or evening runs?

– Do you prefer cats or dogs?

– Army or UTSA for tomorrow’s college football game? We are going!


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