VIPs + Too Much of a Good Thing + Adulting + Not Today + Words for thought

Above are two VIPs. Very Important Pets, That is. Emmy was snuggled up yesterday afternoon, and Bella was watching the door hoping her other mommy would walk in at any time. Can’t imagine our days without these little fur balls. ❤️

So, too much of a good thing?! Yes, that is my leg. The one on the right is after I fell asleep with ice on it for an hour. The first picture is three days later. I almost burned my leg off…. not cool! Lesson learned, put something between your leg and the ice if for an extended period of time, especially if tired. Second, make sure it doesn’t actually stick to the skin right out of the freezer like a tongue on a flagpole would do. It won’t end well 🤦🏻‍♀️ Man, thinking of that movie (below) I cant WAIT until the holidays. Best time of the year.

Wednesday was my rest day and man did I need it. My legs were talking to me for sure after Tuesday’s speed work. It was a good workout though, worth it!

Yesterday’s run wasn’t quite as fun. I hobbled to warm up the first ten minutes or so. I did feel pretty good halfway through the run although my legs talked to me the whole time as I wasn’t able to really enjoy it like the few previous. I was happy to knock out my six miles, however, and I was grateful my legs did the best that they could!

I rolled and rolled and wore my Oofos (check out link for these and many of my other favorites by clicking —> MY GEAR) and my legs definitely had a love hate while using these needed torture devices.

I’ve also been LOVING my GU recovery/protein drinks. It’s so so so important to give our bodies what they need to perform and function like we need. I can’t stress enough, as I’ve learned the hard way over the years. Nutrition is key.

Someone posted the above on Instagram yesterday and I wanted to share. I absolutely love this and it’s so true! Every athlete works hard, has setbacks and triumphs, struggles, breakthroughs, good days and hard days! Every. Single. One. It doesn’t matter if someone runs a 5 minute mile or a 15 minute mile. The heart, effort and sacrifices to get out there and get it done are the same.

It’s easy to love running when everything is going well. It’s easy to want to throw in the towel when things are going bad. However, this is when one needs to not hit the wall and turn around, but figure out how to get through it around it or how to climb over it!

There are other ways to work out and keep strength if injured, trust me I’m dealing with this right now. It’s also keeping me humble, hungry and grateful for each mile. There are going to be bad workouts, busy schedules, and hard races. However, if it weren’t for those things….. the great wouldn’t feel so amazing.

The training is the journey, and the races, etc is the reward. Don’t forget that! Enjoy it, and if it doesn’t all go as planned…. you pick another race, work towards it and go it again. How cool is that?! Endless opportunities to work had and to be your best!

I had a 30 minute warmup and a time trial on my agenda for today. 5 seconds after I hit my watch to start, I knew it wasn’t happening. Like at all. Not a single mile. Like NOT TODAAAAAY!

I knew today wasn’t one I’d be able to muscle through without it costing me a week of quality. I was mad, but I made a smart choice. As I said above, I’m grateful I had a good week on the roads, and one day isn’t going to cost me much. However, if I pushed through when I know I shouldn’t…. that is when it would cost me. Know your body. Listen to your body. Treat it well, and it will remind you of what you need. Also, be grateful for the miles it gives you!

I’m currently adulting by getting my oil and filter changed, and chugging the free coffee even though it tastes like motor oil. #anythingforcaffeine

Also, two weekends until my Plano half marathon. Another reason to listen to my body. I need to show up able. Not able to achieve a PR, not able to perform miracles, but able to be confidant that my body can knock out those 13.1 miles and feel good during the process. It’s a stepping stone until my December half and I need it. 2/3rds of this training cycle have been full of frustration and hurts legs, but I’m lucky. Lucky these legs #keepshowing up even though they have a mind of their own right now.


– Have you had an injury before?

– How do you stay motivated during your training cycles?

– Have any races on your calendar?


3 thoughts on “VIPs + Too Much of a Good Thing + Adulting + Not Today + Words for thought

  1. Ugh, those ice burns are NO JOKE! I fell asleep with ice on my belly when I was pregnant. (I had to take heparin injections twice a day and the ice numbed it so it wouldn’t burn as much.) I was actually hospitalized at the time but it wasn’t fun to have burned my belly on top of all of the injection sight bruises and everything else. I was already miserable and that just made it WAY WORSE. And my Hubby is an RN and kept warning me about that. Needless to say, not only do I still have a scar from it but I also still get the occasional “told ya so” ….nine years later. lol

  2. Do you smack him every time he says “told ya so?” LOL! I’m sorry to hear that you were having a rough time when you fell asleep with that ice on! Crazy how quickly it can cause damage and I’m way more careful now when I use. Hope you had a wonderful week and thanks for sharing! Hey, at least the scar is a funny memory 🙂

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