Sunday Long Run + Wedding Planning + Track Tuesday

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day!

I saw the above and it reminded me of our sweet little Emmy and Bella. Ha!

So, still crazy busy as I started this blog post….the first line of it anyways…. on Sunday. Obviously it didn’t get posted, so I’m adding in Monday and Tuesday fun as well!

Sunday I had a long run on my training agenda, and I was a bit nervous. With my leg bothering I wasn’t sure I’d be able do feel good during it even complete, but I had a decent week so I was pumped to try!

I drove down to UIW as I’ve really enjoyed everything around that part of San Antonio. I was able to just run and had no plan as I had an hour warmup. The first mile I was bothered a bit and I was doubting the run, but once I got warmed up I was okay. Coach told me to really control the speed once the 30 minute mark hit as my legs would start to push the pace naturally. They did, and I had to tell myself to slow down several times over that final 20-30 minute warmup.

I didn’t take any pictures as I wanted to run the whole hour without stopping the Garmin, which I did. I felt great, but it was very very hot and I didn’t have any GU or fuel for the workout portion and I was already 6 miles in.

It was perfect though, as I had ran through Alamo Heights, Brackenridge Park and was somehow at the entrance of the zoo and the tourist shop.

I needed some sugar badly as I was hitting a wall just a bit. I scored with some Swedish fish and a Powerade. Cost? $9.61…. actually, $10.00 as I donated the rest to some zoo animal conservancy something or other. LOL! You haven’t lived unless you’ve spent ten bucks on a few bites of sugar and swigs of Powerade.

I then had three hard-ish mile paces I needed to hit and then a cool down of two miles making it for an 11 mile Sunday total. I was extremely happy and grateful for these legs making that possible!

I had to haul my butt home as we had a 12pm hair appointment and it was 11:37 and I was 25 minutes away and still had to pick Lynn up. Oooooppssss. That’s what I get for not getting out of bed before the sun came up!

We made it (I called to extend ten minutes) and it felt good to have head scrubbed and to leave the dead ends behind. I felt bad as I was a stinky sweaty mess. Sorry!!!!

After the appointment we then loaded up on candy from Lolli & Pops! Loaded. Up.

Yesterday I was excited for a track Tuesday… but on the roads… and all before 4am 🙂 My Everything was feeling Sundays run, but after a 20 minute warmup, I was ready for some speed! I was even surprised by mile two of the warmup, especially after hobbling a bit for the first 5 minutes.

After completing some timed ladders and some 1k repeats, I was SO ready to cool down and be done. I hit my paces, was happy with the run, and knew I was going to feel it 🙂 However, it’s progress and I’m so thankful for these legs that get me through each mile, good or bad!

We’ve started getting a bit more serious about wedding planning. Yes, it’s creeping up on us and we only have about 80 days! So exciting and so much to do!

We did pay off half of our DJ/Photographer and make appointments to alter our gowns.

We are going to fill out invitations this weekend, book our room for the wedding (already reserved), look for shoes, centerpieces, etc this weekend! Anyone have any suggestions/ideas/advice?

Happiness is being married to your best friend….. I can’t wait to marry mine!


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