Running Hurts so Good + Labor Day Weekend + 2nd Cross Country Meet + UTSA & UIW Football Game

It’s been so nice to get back in the roads this week for most of my runs. Having new routes and areas to knock out those miles has made all the difference as well. I get bored running the same trails,roads, etc all the time so it’s been nice!

The Witte Museum is beautiful and is right next to the San Antonio Zoo which is right next to Brackenridge Park. So, lots of sounds and sights and I’m loving it!

Wednesday I had a rest day which was great after having a few days back to back on roads and first speed work in several weeks Tuesday morning.

Yesterday I had a long warm up and mile repeats. Holy hell. I forgot how much mile repeats hurt.

I would add sudden death to this bottle as well.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad… at all. However, we all know how running goes! In the moment it’s awful, when you’re done and endorphins kick in? Dude, I feel good – let’s do it again tomorrow!

The first mile repeat I had to control myself to not go out faster than goal time. The rest of it I had to fight for. Mentally more than anything. Funny how our biggest bully is what’s between our ears sometimes.

I’ve lost a bit of endurance/speed, but am quickly gaining it back. Good news is my warmups are better than they’ve been for the past two months. I was literally waddling through them and mile splits were awful. So, slowly but surely getting it back. I’m grateful.

Ice and foam rolling still crucial as stress reactions are still present and tender, but I’m on the better side of it! Listening to these wonderful legs of mine that get me to the finish line!

I am currently sitting on a school bus headed to a cross country meet. All my girls are passed out in their seats trying to get as many extra seconds of sleep they can. I’m excited to see how they do today. Varsity is racing a 5k and not the 2 mile norm, but they do more than that in practice every single day and will crush it! Go Shamrocks!

Last night for team building, I took all the girls to Alamo City Cryotherapy. They had a blast and felt like elite athletes. David closed the place down for just the girls and I which was nice, and we are all grateful

—— We arrived at the meet and he girls did Amazing! I got goosebumps as I saw the first few girls from a distance coming towards the finish line! #proud coach!

I was timing my girls as they came in on an awesome app on my phone as you can see above 🙂

You can see one of my fastest about to enter the picture above.

Very organized race with about 1,000 runners across the board. Can’t wait until next weeks already! They also have a two mile coaches run after my girls finish….I’m debating…. more to come!

Once I got home, I had a pool run on my agenda. I’m getting stronger by the day and am grateful for my legs and body allowing to do what I love, and humbling me when I’m needing to be humbled.

We had tickets (thank you Alberto) to the first UTSA home game, and the opposing team was UIW. This was the first time these two teams have played in history, and UIW is right next door to where I coach and I run through those facilities almost daily

It was a great half, UTSA was leading and stayed ahead the whole game. The second half was slow, as not much happened, and UTSA won 35-7. The only thing I hated wa show cold it was and the $10 I payed for a single soda. #firstworldproblems

What a great start the Labor Day weekend! I finally got to spend time with my fiancé (Wife in less than 90 days), do what I love most, and prepare for a long run Sunday and a much needed hair cut/trim!


-What are your Labor Day Plans?

– Are you a college football fan? Favorite team?

– What is the most you’ve ever paid for something at an event?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!