TGIF…. wait. Busy Bee Over Here + Back at It

It’s hard to believe it’s been two weeks already since we were in Fort Worth for my birthday and I won the above 5k 🙂 The day after my legs were really bothering me and I couldn’t get my 14 miler out the next day like planned.

I have had a few reset weeks, and am feeling mighty good. Tired but good. I’ve done some road miles, but lots of pool and elliptical to give my stress reaction a break, even though I’m on the upside of it.

I think it may have been a blessing in disguise. With coaching the girls cross country team, crazy busy at work getting ready for a new semester, wedding, my training and life…. I’ve been pretty freaking exhausted. The reset weeks came at the right time while I got my feet under me (pun intended) these past two weeks. However, next week = game on!

Ready to get back at it and am looking forward to running a route tomorrow morning to see if it’s one I can take my girls on next week 😁

Wednesday I did about everything. Few miles on road, few miles on elliptical and few miles in the pool. All with strength workouts mixed in. Bam!

I’ve been doing a lot of planks, mobility, core and strength with my girls as well as on my own. It’s so so so so important to be strong overall to ensure your muscles stay injury free. All of your muscles work together and when one is out of whack, you compensate and cause something else to work harder which causes something else to be off…. and on and on and on. Really listen to your body!

I’m still really enjoying my pool time and the mental zoning out it provides!

I will have more to report this weekend as we have a lot going on, but hoping to catch up a bit on sleep!

More to come with training and the 5 weeks until my first fall half of the year. I am bummed with the set back I’ve had, but so many more months of fall training to come that will lead up to the Houston Marathon in January. I’m coming for you!


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