Listen to Your Body + Stress Reaction but Sigh of Relief + Goals I’m Coming For You + ‘Bout To Get Busy

So, I’m not the only one tired in this house. I looked over last night and saw that Bella had pretty much tucked herself into bed. Could she be any cuter?!

The past few weeks have been a mix of awesome and busy, busy and busy! I love it! With work, cross country, my training, Lynn getting back into the school year groove, wedding planning, etc…. there is never a dull moment!

As you know, the past few weeks my stupid shins have been giving me crap. So, this week has been a reset week with lots of pool running, a few dozen elliptical miles, and a couple road runs just to be safe.

I have LOVED the pool running and it’s a mental recharge for me. Something I’ll definitely want to continue in training on top of the 60-75 miles I’m sure I’ll be back at in a few weeks or so as I get through the September half marathon and works towards January’s full.

Yesterday was a pool run and I notice that even those are getting faster and it’s nice with my knees and joints coming out stress free 🙂 lots of mobility, strength, core etc has been taking place along with the bike riding and things I’ve been doing with my cross country girls in the morning. Its been an active few weeks!

30 minutes on the road today was plenty with it being 110 degrees outside. I can’t WAIT until winter! You know, when it’s 45 degrees here in Texas 😁

So, I finally went to the dr today to get xrays on my legs… just to be sure. Yes it’s gotten much better, but to be more confident that I wasn’t going to hurt myself more I needed to know I didn’t have a stress fracture.

Long story short, the doctor confirmed a stress reaction on my tibia, said she could see the cloudy healing taking place, but didn’t see a hairline crack. Thank goodness! Now, a CT scan or MRI would 100% confirm this, but I’m comfortable with his finding as I wouldn’t have been able to run st all, or race a 5k last weekend (and win) if it was a fracture.

A stress reaction is the precursor to a stress fracture. While at the stress-reaction stage, the bone structure is breaking down and becoming weaker, but does not actually contain any fracture. A stress fracture means the structure of the bone has been compromised by a crack or fracture. 

So, $300 bucks to tell me what I already knew… but I’m glad it lined up with what my coach and I already believed 😑

So, can I hit the roads for a 60 mile week? Nope!!!! Easing back into in over the next week and I should be good to go with a bit of care on speed, etc… I also need more rest and will be icing it at least twice a day for awhile!

  • Listen to your body
  • Get plenty of rest so your body can recover and adapt
  • Ice ice baby
  • Foam roll
  • Dynamic stretching
  • Warm up
  • Cool down
  • Did I mention listen to your body?

Lots of cryotherapy and compression boots helps as well! Also, lots of ART with the famous Dale Londos!

So, I’m going to be a good girl and hit the hay by 9pm tonight. However, that is only 7 hours of sleep. I need that at a minimum and I will make sure that starts happening!

Our bodies and legs are the tools that get us to the finish line. Respect them and care for them. Better to be safe today than regretful and unable for days after.

With that, I leave you with a picture I took this morning as I was placing cones around the soccer fields. I was going to have my girls do a lap ladder around the field for the morning’s workout. They rocked the it and this sunset rocked the morning!

Goals, I’m coming for you! Might not be as strong for September’s half, but December’s is going to be what I eat, breathe and sleep… and then January’s full is going to be the reward after this 6 month journey to cross that finish line strong!

See you at the start line!


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