Birthday Weekend Part 2 + 5k Race Recap + Overall Female + Feeling Loved

So, yesterday’s BLOG POST HERE was the first part of this part 2 post. What an incredible birthday weekend it has been!

I left off yesterday’s post describing how my best friend Liz showed up to a 5k that Lynn surprisingly signed me up for on my birthday.

The pictures above/below were of me dripping with rain after I came back in to wait for the race to start after my 1.5 mile warmup. I was soaked!

Once I warmed up I had about ten minutes until the race started. I quickly got to the front of the pack as I didn’t want to be dodging people as we headed out on a course I didn’t have time to study, in the pouring rain.

Before I knew it we were off! I was so glad there were some fast dudes to follow or I would’ve had no idea where to go. I’m usually pretty OCD about races. I know the course, elevation, average number of runners, previous times and pace of winners, etc. I’m a little crazy.

The first mile was a bit tough as my legs were sore from the previous days repeats but I quickly settled into a groove. This was NOT a flat course, and I was glad I had taped my shin and wore shoes that had a bit of cushion for my poor pissed off shins and knee.

I started out as the overall female and stayed that way for quite awhile before another female runner came into my sights around mile 2. Oh, HECK no! I told myself that I did not push this hard for the first two miles to get passed. We were also about to climb some elevation so I accelerated once I got to the top. She seemed to slow a bit to catch breath a bit and I was able to gain distance between us and I never saw her again!

Once I got to the final turn, I knew I had it in the bag and pushed a bit more. I saw Mom Papke and Lynn waiting for me at the finish and that meant a lot!

Was this race a PR? Nope! Was it a good race for tired legs, pissed off legs, and not knowing I was racing? Yup! When I put on a race bib I get a little focused crazy 🙂 It was an excellent time for this early in my training cycle and I was so happy to have crossed that line first!

It was so muggy out that it took me a minute to catch my breath, and I pretty much passed out on a guard rail!

As I was catching my breath, another amazing surprise happened….

I felt someone next to me, looked up, and saw one of my oldest friends Brenda! I’ve known her for about 18 years and was SO surprised! She’s also a bridesmaid in my wedding and it’s been a few years since we’d seen each other as life gets so crazy!

Lynn did so many sweet things for me this weekend, and surprising me with friends was touching 🙂 Thanks Liz and Brenda for spending your morning with me!!

I picked up my pint glass and proceeded to get started on the three beers. NOT for me, but mostly for Dad P and Erik. I had a sip of the mango chili beer and think it was pretty on point! Liz also gave away one of her beers, so we had a happy family!

We waited for Liz to finish up and all three of us caught up for a few minutes after she crossed. It was Lynn’s first time meeting Brenda as well so that was fun! We love you all!

The race gave out two breakfast tacos to each runner, and they were delicious! I forgot pictures, but they were enjoyed.

Thanks to my amazing fiancé, I ran a wonderful 5k that I wasn’t even planing on. I’m grateful for the love and friendships and family I have and although I have a hard time expressing myself sometimes, I hope each and everyone of them know how much I appreciate every single act, thought and moment. From the bottom of my heart, I loved every…single….thing!

After the race, we walked around a bit and of course headed to another few breweries. I was freezing in one of them as I was still soaked and sweaty from the race. So, what else does a girl do but buy a shirt from the brewery to keep warm?!

After the few breweries, we headed back to the Airbnb and took a quick nap. Much needed!

We then headed to a Turkish place for dinner. It was called the Flying Carpet and was like being transported to another world.

The food and company was delicious!

They also had a few drinks we tried. One was a cherry soda type drink and the other was a yogurt drink. Cheer was delicious, the yogurt we couldn’t get down. Was literally like drinking watery unflavored thick Greek yogurt. Wasn’t our thing.

After dinner, we headed to get a scoop of ice cream and it was delicious. I had vanilla bean with some fresh caramel sauce on top. I then indulged on another huge piece of the cookie cake Mom P made and a few handfuls of skittles. That cookie cake was the softest, tastiest thing ever.

This birthday was the best ever! I’m so lucky to have someone that spent so much time pouring over details that she knew would make me happy. From the race to the final scoop of ice cream, I loved every second!

Hope y’all have a great week!


– Do you have any birthday traditions?

– If you have a GoPro, send me pointers!

– Did you do any racing or running this weekend?


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