Start to birthday weekend + Saturday Surprises + 5k + Post 1 of 2!

I have the sweetest fiancé/best friend/person in this entire world and I am so lucky I get to spend this life with her!

Yesterday I took the day off from work as Lynn told me I needed to, no questions asked. So, I set the alarm for 3am, got my workout in and hit Cross Country practice.

Yesterday’s workout was 2 miles X 3 and it was really tough. Enough said! I hit the paces I needed to but I’d be lying if I said I was sad that workout was over 🙂 Those workouts are tough mentally, but once the second repeat was over, then the third always seems easiest. Plus, once I can run without wadling while my shin warms up, I’ll feel so much better about everything 🙂 Ha!

Once I got home and showered, Lynn was running around the apartment crazy (but I didn’t know it at the time) while I was getting ready.

She was trying to make me think we weren’t staying the weekend anywhere and she did a pretty good job! She had the pups hidden in the car, clothes packed without me knowing, and we were on the road!

A few hours later we pulled into her parents house, scooped them up, and headed to our destination….. which to my surprise was Fort Worth! I was also surprised they were part OF the surprise and very happy they were coming along!

We pulled into a an adorable Airbnb in the historic Fairmount district. Was right off Magnolia Street which was like Fredericksburg and Austin had a baby. Industrial Hipster. Cute!

We went to a few breweries, played bags, that game where you swing the string with a ring on it and try it to land on the hook, etc!

I drank Diet Coke, but the few sips of beer I had were good! Chocolate peanut butter anyone? Strawberry mint? Yup, they had some good selections!

After we left Panther Island, we headed out to find dinner. We settled on Benito’s, as we could get right in and it wasn’t super packed!

The salsa was good, more of a pico de Gallo. It was very fresh and I’m glad we had that to fill the hole as the food was NOT good. We will just leave it at that.

I was also glad we snacked on these street tacos from the food truck before we found food, or we would’ve really left dinner hungry!

As we were walking back, I asked what time we needed to be up as I had a 7 mile run on my training schedule for the morning.

So, they stopped me at that point and said pretty early, as they had signed me up for a 5k!

While I would normally be psyched, I also knew that my shin was affecting me, had an off training week as a result, and just did some speed work that morning so I knew I’d be sore.

Then, I realized I was being a brat. Lynn is seriously the most thoughtful person in the world. She planned a mini runcation around a race for me as she knows how much I love to run! I also asked if she cleared it with my coach, lol! However, she planned this whole thing back in May…. before I had a coach! She’s that sweet that she’s had this in her bag of tricks for months!

So, I decided I was going into the race grateful, no expectations, and was going to enjoy it. However, I know me. When I put a race bib on, I don’t have fun. I race. 😁

Lynn got me some incredible gifts for my birthday!

A GoPro Hero 7 Black! The top of the line GoPro! I’m seriously so excited to use this thing for social media, blogs, racing, my cross country team, meets, our wedding, life, etc! Thanks babe, you truly went above and beyond!

She also got me an entire new running outfit from Athleta and a new cushioned pair of Brooks to keep my feet on their toes. Pun intended 🙂 I also taped my shin this morning before the race to see if it would help, and it did!

We got to the race start at 8:10 or so. As I was checking in and picking up my bib, I turned around and saw my best friend Liz!!!! She the one who got me into running over ten years ago. 265+ races later, she created a monster!

I was so surprised to see her, another sweet thing Lynn did for me! She had met the family a few times so it was good to catch up before I warmed up for the race!

It was pouring rain while I warmed up, and after the 1.5 miles I was soaked before I even started!

I also realized how hilly the race was going to be! However, I wasn’t expecting a PR and just wanted to have fun. Well, a push myself but not throw up type of fun!

It’s now late, and so much more to share so this will be Part 1 of the weekend! I also won the 5k, so I’m excited to talk more about that tomorrow!

Hope y’all are having a good weekend!


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