Pool Running + Track Tuesday + Head Cross Country / Track & Field Coach + Ecstatic

I’m way behind on my blogging as it’s been a crazy busy week, so I’m going to skim through part of it to get to the good stuff!

Monday morning I was given the choice to get 6 easy miles in or do a pool run. Although I felt a bit guilty about not doing the road miles, I knew that after Sunday’s 14 miles and legs that are STILL not cooperating the pool run was the way to go.

Sometimes you have to listen you your body. Im not looking at my irritated legs as road blocks, but rather stepping stones to train smarter, harder and to be grateful for each mile I get to complete.

I did an hour in the pool, and after work I went and purchased a floating belt so I can get in the deeper parts and go to town! I really thought I was going to go crazy running back and forth slowly for an entire hour. However, I was able to zone out and just think. I was the only person in the pool so it was very peaceful. I enjoyed it very much!

Tuesday I had a hot date with the track. I got in 7+ miles and had 1k repeats for the meat of my workout.

I’m an idiot though as I left my phone as home. I was using it for a flashlight to not wake Lynn up, and I walked right out the door with it. So, sadly I couldn’t take any pictures of myself looking all sweaty and gross. 😁

I hit my paces, but I’d be lying if I said it was glitter and rainbows. It took the warmup to get the junk out of my legs, and I was running around a lot of folks on the track during my intervals. However, it worked out and it was another workout checked off! Bam!

Random, but have you tried these smashed nectarines? They are delicious and so easy to eat! I ate one with oatmeal as I headed out for work a few mornings.

It went well with the oatmeal I blew up yet again in the microwave. Only me!

Tuesday evening I had a very important meeting. After, I wanted to check out some of the trails around the area. Why you may ask?

Remember this bike I bought?

Remember these shoes that I bought in March, but said they were perfect for something exciting?

Well, the meeting I had was for coaches of the fall sports at Incarnate Word High School. Yes, I was there…. as I am so beyond excited, blessed, motivated and honored to have been chosen as the Head Cross Country Coach for the 2019 season!


They are the Shamrocks so you can bet I wore my Run Lucky Brooks this morning to the first practice! The bike purchased is to follow the girls along some of the training runs as since I’ll be up at 3am (yes 3am) to knock mine out, I won’t usually be running along side them. I needed some wheels 🙂

I was so excited to meet some of my team this morning, and feel so proud to be their coach! I have big things planned for this season 🙂

What else could be exciting?! I also get to coach the Track & Field in the spring!

This year has been incredible and so many doors have opened and amazing opportunities have presented themselves!

I’m going to take each and every one of them and run with it. The sky is truly the limit!

I get to talk about, coach, teach, develop and we wowed by all things running over the next several months. I’m in heaven!

I hope everyone has a great start to their weekend tomorrow! It’s my birthday Saturday and the fiancé has some stuff up her little sleeve! Shall be fun!


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