Birthday Fiancé Fun + Heal Already + Exciting News… Soon + Energice

As you know, my sweet fiancé turned 32 years young on Tuesday. I had quite the 24 hours planned out, and I couldn’t wait to celebrate her big day!

Sunday afternoon I had gone birthday shopping at La Cantera. I came home with some beautiful Sperrys, Toms, perfume, Bath & Body Works, etc.

Lynn had no idea what I was doing that afternoon, but I had to shop and hand over my house key to my friend Lorraine who was secretly watching the pups. THANKS LORRAINE!!!!!

I took Tuesday, her birthday, off from work and she had no idea. I also packed most of her clothes as I was wrapping present on Sunday and his everything in my trunk. She did text me Monday afternoon telling me the following:

I laughed inside as I knew they were in the trunk of my car 🙂 I told my sweet girl to be ready by 3pm and little did she know we were going to Austin and staying the night!

Lynn has always wanted to stay in a tiny home, so I rented us an Airbnb in East Austin in a really cool one called the Tiny Shiny! It was only a few miles from 6th street, so I had a lot of plans over the next 24 hours in that area.

The place was adorable and Lynn was so surprised! It was such a small place, but it worked! Full kitchen, bathroom and a bed that was just a climb up a ladder. Plus, the super host left us cereal, chocolate and airheads. Perfect!

It also had a very cute prop we sat and drank coffee on the next morning!

I wanted to unpack quickly as we had dinner plans and I wanted to check out a few places on 6th street.

We stopped by Maggie Maes as I heard they had live music. We weren’t super impressed but I’m sure it’s much cooler once the sun goes down and sitting on the rooftop watching over the city.

Lynn and I have been wanting to take some scooters on a spin, so after Maggie Maes, we hooped in a couple and headed to dinner!

We arrived ten minutes later, in one piece, at Z Tejas. Lynn and I love Southwestern food, so we were BOTH excited to fill our bellies.

Z’Tejas southwestern serves Southwestern cuisine with bold, flavorful twists. Delicious , and they even give a free skillet of hot and fresh cornbread.

We started with Queso and a few celebratory spicy pineapple drinks. They were definitely on point!

It was great to catch up and take our time. We kept thinking it was the weekend, but it was Monday and just felt weird being out of town in a week night. However, that’s the way to go and there was no one out and we got right in and out everywhere we went.

I had salmon with salad and the sesame vinaigrette was soooooo good!

Lynn has miso salmon with lump crab and some green chili mash. We decided that this was definitely a place that we’d visit again!

We then found our scooters right where we left them and took a ride through the city of Austin at night. That was one of my favorite things of the night. So. Much. Fun!

We went to a bar called The Library and played a few of their games. Lynn rocked at electronic beer pong (no drinking even takes place) and skee ball. She was better than me at both.

We then ended up at Pete’s Dueling Pianos and loved every second of that. The guys were incredible and I definitely want to go back when we are in Austin again.

We left to head back to our Tiny Home for the evening around 11pm, and my sweet girl opened presents 🙂

The next morning we enjoyed coffee on the patio and then I surprised her with a second cup at REVIVAL and breakfast. It was such a cute place, and again it wasn’t crazy busy s it was mid morning on a Tuesday!

We ate quickly, but I had to rush us a bit as we had an appointment to get our nails done! I only got my feet, but Lynn got the works. It had been way too long and we were way overdue!

I realized after taking a picture of Lynn getting her toes done that I had snapped a picture a year ago of her doing the same thing! Love her SO much!

We really enjoyed our time in Austin, but her birthday wasn’t over yet! I had lunch plans in downtown San Antonio and then I had bought Shawn Mendes tickets to finish off the night!

I had reservations at Graze, but we didn’t need them being a 4pm on a Tuesday.

The food was very eclectic as was the area of town it was in. Felt like we were still in Austin!

We had wonton nachos with barbacoa and pinto beans as an appetizer and it too was delicious!

I had a beet and goat cheese salad for lunch and Lynn had a grilled cheese with sweet potato fries. We were both stuffed but enjoyed our meals very much!

We headed to Blue Box at the Pearl to kill about an hour, and I’ll be darned if on the way to the concert the radio mentioned that Shawn Mendes was in town. I saw the lightbulb go off and she knew instantly. Grrrrr

We truly enjoyed the concert and it made my heart happy to see her excited! She loves music, and we have a lot now that reminds us of fun times together like this concert. Alesia Cara was incredible as well and I’ve already download all of her music!

I took more videos than pictures during the concert but the pic above was towards the end as it sadly came to a close.

I love Lynn with all my heart! I hope she knows just how special she is and I can’t wait to marry her in 4 short months! I am going to spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to prove to her how special she is to me and just how much she means. Lynn makes everything better and brighter and with her by my side all things are possible!

Here is to another amazing year!Quickly, I have some incredible news to share in the next few days and I couldn’t be more excited! The shoes above, while not purchased for this reason, go perfectly with what I’ll announce! Stay tuned!

I also have had the pleasure of staying hydrated and cool during this Texas summer with an amazing product from Energice! These popsicles taste great and provide much needed vitamins and electrolytes during and after a sweaty run!

Click Energice Vitamin Hydration Ice Popsicle Bar to order your own! Trust me, they are delicious! More to come!


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  1. happy happy birthday to Lynn!!! What an unforgettable few days!! I loved reading about your Austin adventurin’! We have been here for almost a month and have barely been able to venture out with how intense school (and life) has been , but I’m taking notes! Thanks for sharing, Taushah!

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