10 Sunday Miles + Goodbyes suck + Birthday Shopping

Sunday morning was a run I was both a tiny nervous about yet excited to knock out. We had Mom and Dad Papke still staying with us, so I tried to be super quiet as I left… which meant I didn’t take my normal water jug as the ice machine is way too loud and I didn’t want to wake them at 5:30am.

So, I stopped by Circle K and got my favorite popcorn ice to munch on which I also knew that it would melt and be the best cold water ever!

So. Ten miles! I broke it up in my head by 2.5 repeats and wanted to do each section 10-15 seconds faster per mile with the first set being a moderate pace.

I started out with a French Toast GU and I was on my way! I forgot music, but in the end I was okay without it. Running without it has been nice, I’m more present and when I do use it… I’m not bored of it which is something I noticed was happening. Now when I listen I’m more pumped up since I’m not using on a daily or even weekly basis.I was so annoyed seeing that some idiotic people graffitied some mailing labels and put them on the park sign. I mean, come on…..

Anyways, not to get into too much detail, but the 10 miles was great. Final 2 miles was a little tough as I was getting in my head a bit and it was getting warm. So, I thought about the rockstars that were running the Chicago Rock n Roll Half in crazy hot weather and I pushed through!

The first mile was a moderate warm up and the rest of my miles were faster than I expected to run. I was very proud of Sunday’s workout.

I was a sweaaaatttyyyy mess when I was finished, but walked a way with a week I was proud of. I have a long way to go, staying grounded and will keep grinding and building as a wise woman reminds me 🙂

I’m grateful that I get to run and I am humbled by it every day!

I’ve been loving my Koala Clip that was sent to me! I don’t even notice I have it on my back, and it keeps my phone nice and dry. If you run with your phone, you need one of these now!

After I stopped sweating and headed home, I devoured some yogurt and eggs after I showered. It hit the spot for sure!

Lynn’s birthday is July 23rd and I had big plans. I also had some shopping and a key drop for the pup sitter to do so I told the family I had to do something for a few hours.

Parent Papke’s knew the plan, and Lynn assumed it was Bday related, so I was able to get out and knock out some fun shopping and planning while they bonded at home for a few more hours before they left.

So, I said goodbye to the family as they were leaving while I was gone! It’s always hard to say goodbye as we love spending time with them. Lynn also cries happy tears every time and I knew I wouldn’t be there to hug her when they left. Thanks for visiting…. can’t wait to see y’all again soon!!!

Bella was really tired and didn’t even notice I was leaving. Lol

Hope y’all had a great Sunday! I’ll speak to more of what I did Sunday afternoon, but can’t ruin any surprises for now!

Have a great week!


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