8 Miles + Packed Saturday + Water on the Rocks

What a fun filled Saturday! It started bright and early with an 8 mile run. It was an easy paced run, and I truly enjoyed it!

I had a Cherry Lime GU which totally set me up for a solid run. I usually go by feel for my easy runs, and this one was no different. It turned into a progressive run for each mile and I finished feeling strong!

I also tried run gum for the first time for a boost of caffeine. It’s only good for a few minutes, but it seemed to give me a boost. It does turn, in a way, after it’s chewed for a few and no way it would be something I’d keep in my mouth for longer. I’d buy again and use before a race though if I didn’t have time for a cup of coffee!

Once home, I couldn’t wait to shower and get into dry clothes. It was very humid and I was soaked from the run!

Mom and Dad Papke and brother bear Erik were in town and we were going to GUENTHER HOUSE for brunch.

Taken from Wikipedia:

It took us about an hour to get a table, but they offered complimentary coffee while we waited and we were able to catch up in the beautiful courtyard and also check out the store and old rooms of the house.

They are also known for their huge breakfast pastries. We refrained from ordering any, but from what we tasted last year when we went… they were delicious!

I wanted protein and fruit for breakfast. I ended up with 4 scrambled eggs, avocado and fresh fruit. Hit the spot for sure!

After breakfast, we sent to Kuenstlers Brewing as I had bought Mom and Dad P a sign for their beer wall. They said they had to visit in order to hang it. 🙂

I drank water, but everyone enjoyed their beers! The purple looking ones were a blueberry flavor, and the dark one had a peanut butter flavor. Yum!

We played almost a full game of Phase 10, but left on the last round as it was two hours into the game and the gang wanted to visit Freetail Brewing.

I had water again, but I did taste the beer slush mixed with raspberry pomegranate syrup. Was refreshing and very tasty!

We finished the Phase 10 game and the birthday girl (Lynn) won with flying colors!

Lynn thought she was being funny and said this picture looked like I was living the Thug Life. Lol

What a fun day. We ended the evening with leftover tacos and binge watched Last Chance U on our new Fire Stick! I was out cold by 10pm for an early alarm to hit the road for 10 miles!

We so enjoy family here and are grateful to be back in Texas so we can spend as much time with them as possible 🙂

Hope y’all had a good weekend!


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