8.5 Friday Miles + Hardest Step + In Laws Have Arrived!

Yesterday I had repeats on the road and was to aiming to hit a certain pace.

2 mile warm up, handful of 1.5 mile repeats, and cool down totaled 8.5 miles for the morning!

The first 400 meters of the run my shin was bothering me still. However, as I got warmed up… so did my shin!


I felt strong and in control of my repeats and finished the workout feeling good!

I didn’t take any pictures as it was dark, and I rushed getting back to the gym after my run. So, I only remembered a few Insta stories. Wa wa waaaaaaah

Mom and Dad Papke came into town yesterday morning (using an old pic, but a good one since I didn’t take one), and Lynn got to take them to pick out their wedding attire! So exciting! Mom Papke found a beautiful dress that she will look amazing in, and Dad looks pretty sharp in his suit as well!

I was at work, but I got to see some pretty cool pictures and it made me even more excited as things get more and more real by the day! Only 125 more days!

Look who I found cuddling before work 🙂 Two of my girls and they make my heart full 🙂

Lynn’s birthday is Tuesday (Happy early birthday my love!) so her mom made a cookie cake. It was delicious and the few bites of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup (my favorite) ice cream I ate with it hit the spot!

Mom also brought all the works to make tacos/taco salad. She’s the best and it was delicious! Erik showed up right before dinner was ready and is staying the weekend as well. So much fun 🙂

Can’t wait to continue to celebrate my girl over the next few days! I’m lucky to have her in my life and I love her more than she could possibly know!

Have a great weekend!


– Do you prefer cake or cookie cake?

– How do you celebrate birthdays?

– Tacos Or Taco salad?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!