Track Tuesday 800s + Daily Dose of Dale + Wedding Invitations Ordered

Another track Tuesday in the books! This week I had 6X 800s after a 2 mile warm up and some running drills and strides.

As you can see, running math is not my strong suit. I had 6 X 800 on the agenda, not 8! Lol. I caught it early on, and then just left it and stopped when it went on to the 7th interval… that I didn’t need. Maybe I should do math like the below. Lol

My shin was bugging me just a tad Tuesday morning, but 400 meters in I was good to go!

The workout wasn’t a full VO2 max workout, more of a strength workout to get my body to continue adapting to running a certain pace. We kept it around 10k and I hit the paces easily which felt good and made me feel in control.

The last 400 meters of the final 800 I brought it home. I’m excited to see how fast some of my mile repeats can be in the next 4-8 weeks. Knock on wood, I think some PRs are in my future. I’m going to #keepshowingup and putting in the work! #noexcuses

After the track (7.5 miles total) I had 30 minutes in the gym. It’s funny, I’ll groan taking a flight or two up some stairs, but I’ll pay to run 50 miles. Runners are weird people. 🙂

I’ve been addicted to iced Americanos lately (6 shots) and it was a welcome wake up to continue to Jump start the morning!

I saw this sign in Starbucks and loved it!

Something else I’ve been addicted to this week is Kodiak Cake muffins. Actually, we’ve both been addicted. I made 12 Sunday evening and there is 1 left. I call dibs!

The above watermelon and muffin was my breakfast! Yum!

I’m lucky as I get to marry my best friend! Tonight I ordered our invitations, even though it’s a bit early, it’ll be nice to have in hand and we can have a date night again to fill out and mail. Exciting!

Emmy and Bella were excited!

I’ll be posting about our invitations soon as Minted was kind enough to do a collaboration with me 🙂 We loved our saved the dates so much (blog post HERE) that we couldn’t wait to order our wedding invitations!

Wednesday is a rest day which is good. Legs bit sore from gym, and was so glad I had my daily (weekly) dose of DALE LONDOS to ensure my muscles stay healthy. Lynn’s been doing as well and we love our time as he’s full of wisdom and jokes.

He worked on my shin, hamstrings, etc to move the junk on out! He’s the best and does a lot to keep me strong and healthy! See you next week Dale!


– What are some wedding details we need to remember that might not be in our heads with all the craziness?

– Have you ever tried Lime/lemon and salt in watermelon? It’s to die for!

– Do you sleep in on rest day or get up at the same time and relax?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!