Mile Repeats Friday + Cryotherapy Fun + University of the Incarnate Word Track and Trails

Yesterday was mile repeat Friday at the track. I had a few mile warmup, 4 x 1 Mile Repeats and then a cool down.

After my warmup, I edited Tuesday’s long 400 meter repeats and put in the mornings repeats on my Garmin.

As you can see, it’s still so dark out at 5am. Crazy to think that in a few months it will be lighter in the mornings and dark at 5:30pm.

Warmup felt good and I was supposed to keep at a certain pace for the 4 repeats. I behaved (ish) on the first repeat, and then each one got a bit faster. Final mile was 7:20 pace which wasn’t killing myself but felt good to have 4 fast miles.

I wore my lucky shoes (for warm up and cool down) and switched direction at the track outside of one of the repeats. Hoping the fresh shoes and being cognizant of direction around the track should help with future shin issues.

Feeling strong, but will be good when legs feel back to normal.

I had a late afternoon Cryotherapy appointment and I was SO looking forward to freezing my buns off and the compression boots!

The team at ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY is the best and I’m already looking forward to seeing them again next week!

After my appointment, we drove around some of the amazing neighborhoods in Alamo Heights, King William District, etc. Such beautiful parts of the city!

We then ended up parking by the University of the Incarnate Word as I wanted to see the track and the trails that surrounded it.

It’s such a beautiful campus, historic, and hilly as hell! You know those kiddos get a workout just walking to and from class.

They had a few trails that went around and out, so we walked down a few. There was running water along one of them, crushed line and wood that made it easy on the legs, and just pretty. Was hard to believe there was a freeway not too far above us!

We even stumbled upon a rock garden. I had never seen one before so naturally I had to take a picture.

We then found our favorite trail that went up and up and around.

I’ll definitely be by that area to run in the future! Plus, there are several parks and hills to kill myself running up and down as well. Absolutely NOT a flat part of San Antonio.

I threw my shoes off while at the track and ran like .05 just to say I ran in the track 🙂 In my work blazer. Holding my car keys. Yup. How I roll.

I saw a picture that Lynn posted that made me smile. This was probably 9 months ago. I love my girl! I also need to straighten my hair more often.

Have a great weekend!!!

What are you up to today?

Where do you find tracks to run on?

Do you prefer soft trails or paved trails to run along?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!