6 Easy Miles + Run Lucky + Importance of Warmup before Speedwork + ART

Yesterday was an easy 6 miles, and after my rest day it felt good to lace up again.

Speaking of lacing up, I officially busted out my #runlucky Brooks that I bought the second they were released earlier this year.

Aren’t they fancy?! I felt super awesome running in these beauties! I switched as I’m pretty sure my other shoes were at the retire mark. There was plenty of tread, except on the heal. The last time that happened I my shins started to hurt… and guess what, my shins were starting to hurt.

Also, after visiting Dale in an “it’s an emergency, I have mile repeats tomorrow…please fix my pissed hamstrings and mad shin” we came up with another reason I might be a little sore.

I’ve been at the track twice a week, and I’ve been running in the same direction! Rookie move! Will make the change for Friday morning mile repeats!

After I got done with Dale, it already felt a bit better, glad I went!

The 6 miles were very easy as I wanted to flush out some junk, open the legs up and get the blood flowing. Saw a few deer again while out and about and a lot more runners than normal that early in the morning.

I then picked up a 10 pound bag of ice and dumped it into the bathtub so I could soak in it for a few. I needed two bags as it melted pretty quickly, but the cold was a love/hate few minutes before I blasted the hot shower.

Something I want to discuss the importance of is the warmup before track workouts, intervals, speedwork, races, etc…

I know that it’s hard to wrap ones brain around the thought of running…. before running! Trust me, I used to feel that way. However, I also got injured, didn’t improve as quickly, bonked very quickly during 5ks, etc… In order to run fast, your body has to be warmed up.

Think of turning on a car when you live in super cold climates. Do you just turn it on and go? Nope! You let it warm up for a few moments and then you head out on your way!

Why Warm Up?

Aside from priming your legs for exercise, there are other vital reasons to warm up. At the most basic level, it does just what the term suggests–it increases the temperature of your muscles so they can contract and relax more efficiently.

You want the core and peripheral temperature to rise to get the body ready to roll into the actual pace and effort demand of the given workout.

The second purpose is to get the central nervous system revving. Without a warm-up that approximates the feel of the hard work you’re about to do, you often cannot emotionally accomplish the workout well.

Your muscles need a bit of forewarning before high-intensity exercise ensues, but so does your mind.

By prepping your brain to expect the upcoming hard running session, you are more likely to persist in the face of self-doubt, screaming muscles and busting lungs.

The more you know 🙂

I hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mile repeats to discuss tomorrow!

Questions –

Are you someone who warms up or do you skip it?

How do you know when you are due for new running shoes?

Do you run in different shoes for speedwork?

Any plans this weekend?


2 thoughts on “6 Easy Miles + Run Lucky + Importance of Warmup before Speedwork + ART

  1. I’m sure those shoes are a hit for St. Patrick’s Day.

    Back in my high school cross country and track days, we used to do some “special” exercises to prevent shin splints. Leaning again a wall, lift your feet a bunch of times using your heel as a pivot point.

    I tried my first ice bath this weekend. Next time, I definitely will need to use another bag of ice. Quick question. Are you supposed to take a hot shower/bath right after the ice bath or should you wait a bit before the warm shower/bath?

    1. I’ll have to try those exercises:) Thanks for the tips!!!! 30 min is best to wait after Annie bath, at least. I was in a hurry… not the norm 🙂 Good question and I should’ve made that point! Have a great Tuesday!

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