9 Miles for Track Tuesday + Lets Talk Heat & Humidity

You will never know your limits until you push yourself TO them. Keep digging deep, you’re stronger than you know!

I have to share a picture of the delicious ceviche I’m proud to have whipped up last night 🙂 I got home a bit late and my sweet girl was hungry so I got to work. This on top of a salad and wrapped in a tortilla was just what we both needed. Yum!

Something else I added to my salad were these delicious fruity bites of heaven. They are full of zinc, probiotics, etc…. I keep adding more and more to the ingredient list that goes into my bowl each day.

Track Tuesday was in full swing by 5:20am, and I had quite the workout planned. I really like having a weekly plan already set in stone, as there is no thought process behind it…. it’s just what I need to knock out! I feel good about the workouts when I’m done, I don’t try to make excuses to get out of it, I’m held accountable…. I love having a coach in more ways than I could’ve imagined!


Track Tuesday. I had 12 x 400s I had to knock out, and with my warmup, cool down and recoveries in between I hit 9 miles and a bit of change for my morning run. Boom!

There is nothing prettier than seeing the sunrise at the track while you are pushing yourself and cursing under your breath. Seeing another day gifted to me as I’m trying to get better, faster and stronger at what I love is humbling each and every time! I love my track Tuesdays!

200 and 400 repeats are actually one of my favorite interval workouts, so when I saw 400s on the agenda, I actually wasn’t dreading it one bit!

The above picture is halfway through my repeats and I was trying to get a picture of the gorgeous sun peeking out!

I behaved during the first four repeats keeping the pace I was told to stay around. I then picked it up for the middle 4 and killed it on the final 4. My final 400 was by far my fastest and as I hit save on my Garmin, I felt very proud of the mornings run.

I’m not always the fastest runner on the track, but I’m putting in the work to determine what these legs are capable of 🙂 I’ll #keepshowingup with heart and determination as long as this body will allow!

Doesn’t everyone take three pairs of shoes with them to the track?! I’m so in love with my Oofos and how my feet feel so amazing in them after I run! Like walking on clouds. Check out MY GEAR for link to get yourself a pair! Treat your feet good and they will treat you good!

I’ve been setting my alarm early in the mornings for two reasons. One, to set my day up for success by moving, getting my workout in and having my run done before work. Two, because it’s so darn hot to be running at night! Dangerous actually!

I want to talk a little about running in the heat and humidity!


1) It takes approximately two weeks of consistent running in the heat and humidity to acclimate to warmer conditions.

2) Remember that thirst is not an indicator of dehydration. Once you are thirsty, you are already low on fluids. Indications of dehydration are an elevated heart rate during and after your run and dark, golden-colored urine.

3) During your run, drink about 4 to 8 ounces of water and/or sports drink every 15 to 20 minutes.

6) Wear sunglasses that filter UVA and UVB rays and/or wear a cap with a visor.

7) Wear light-colored micro-fiber clothing.

8) Run when your shadow is taller than you are, and when the sun is not high in the sky. If you run in the morning, you’ll avoid the heat, but may encounter a higher humidity. The air quality is also better in the morning, since ozone levels increase soon after dawn, peak at midday, and then again in the early evening. Times to avoid running are noon till 3pm.

9) Eat salty foods and drinks such as pretzels and tomato juice.

10) Check the Heat Index Chart for apparent temperature. This is the number that calculates the air temperature with the relative humidity to determine what the temperature feels like and if there is a risk of a heat-related illness.


Causes: Loss of electrolytes and accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.
Conditions: Muscle cramps and/or spasms, heavy sweating, normal body temperature.
Treatment: Drink water and sports drink, slow down, massage affected area.

Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition and loss of electrolytes.
Conditions: Profuse sweating, possible drop in blood pressure (less than 90 systolic, the top number), normal or slightly elevated body temperature, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, decreased coordination, possible fainting.
Treatment: Rest in a cool place, drink water and sports drink, if BP drops below 90 systolic, call EMS, avoid activity for at least 24 hours, refrain from running or exercising in the heat for at least one week.

This is a medical emergency!
Causes: Intense exercise in a hot, humid condition, older age, dehydration, obesity, wearing heavy clothing, running in the heat when you have an infection or fever, certain drugs such as amphetamines, diuretics, beta blockers, cardiovascular disease, poor acclimatization, high blood pressure.
Conditions: High body temperature (106 or higher), lack of sweating characterized by dry, red skin, altered consciousness.
Treatment: Call EMS! Rest in a cool place, remove clothing to expose skin to air, apply ice packs or cool water to groin, underarms, neck (stop if shivering).

Also, know that you are amazing for training in the heat and humidity. Know that it WILL feel harder than the cooler months. However, know that if you continue to be smart about summer training you will be speedier and stronger come winter months. I, for one, am excited as this is the first summer I’ve been this determined to show up strong and ahead of the training game.

Be careful out there, and always have fluids close by!

I waited ALL winter to complain about the summer heat, and to beg for ice and something to cool me down. Ironic


– What are some ways you ensure you train smart in this heat?

– What is your favorite interval workout?

– What is a salad ingredient you can’t live without?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!