Monday Miles + Mobility + Seen on my Run + Weekly Miles + Preaching About Protein

Mark Spitz once said, “if you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.” I love this so much! When the miles get hard, that alarm clock goes off a little early, or you just don’t wanna…I don’t think there could be a more perfect quote. We get out of it what we put into it, the choice is ours!

Monday miles consisted of 6 easy, and I was looking forward to having mobility back on the agenda. I didn’t have it for the second half of last week to save my legs for my time trial on Saturday.

I drove again to the trail heads and headed out for 3 before turning around for the second half. I like it as I didn’t have to carry any water as I knew there was one at the start and then one about 2.25 miles in.

I saw a mama deer and her fawns about a mile into my run. I had to stop and take a picture of course! #seenonmyrun

My legs felt good after another strong week, although my shin bothered me a bit as I ran! I’m taking good care of it though as can’t afford any set backs! Working way too hard for that nonsense!

Weekly Miles (all had different purposes, just giving total ran)

Monday – 5 Miles

Tuesday – 6.1 Miles

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – 5 Miles

Friday – 6 Miles

Saturday – 7.1 Miles

Sunday – 12 miles

Weekly Total – 41.2

After my run, I decided to do my mobility on the grass at the trails as I had brought my resistance bands. The exercise above definitely woke my hips up. Holy crap

As I was doing the band work, I munched on a Lara protein bar. Was really good, although a little dry. I was glad I had water to wash it down!

This leads me to….

Preaching about Protein

Protein is what keeps your body healthy under all that strain of working out and running.

Adequate protein intake accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers stressed during a run. Since protein helps muscles heal faster, runners who consume the right amount are less likely to get injured.

Ensuring I get enough protein is something I’m making priority. Above are some high protein items you can incorporate into your diet. I add a lot of these things to my salad and snacks throughout the day. I’m a picker, and snack a lot throughout the day.

The USDA’s recommended dietary allowance for protein is .36 grams per pound of body weight. However, that is NOT enough for athletes which are recommended to intake .45-.72 grams per pound.

To put that into perspective, if you weigh 120 pounds, you should have between 54 and 86.4 grams of protein per day.

Make it a priority. Your training and body will thank you for it!

One last thing, at 3pm today the below was the temperature…. this is why it’s so easy to set a 4:45am alarm.

I have an awesome (brutal) Track Tuesday planned! Hope y’all have a great day!


– How do you ensure you get what you need nutrition wise?

I’ve been wanting to try smoothies, any notes on that?

– Track Tuesday planned?


2 thoughts on “Monday Miles + Mobility + Seen on my Run + Weekly Miles + Preaching About Protein

  1. straussem426

    As far as smoothies go, don’t depend on places like Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie. Most of their smoothies are primarily added sugar. Your best bet is to make them yourself, as you can control your additives. My go to Smoothie is pineapple, watermelon (sometimes I add in some banana too), ice, and a splash of almond milk. Usually the fruit is sweet enough for me, but you can always add a teaspoon or two of honey (or your choice of sugar). Happy blending!

    1. Awesome, I’ll have to give that a whirl. Yeah, I stay away for smoothie king etc. They are so full of sugar and calories and not really good for you! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

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