12 Mile Sunday Long Run + Spider Web Wuss + Ice Bath + Third Time is a Charm for Brunch

This morning’s hot and muggy 12 miler was one for the books. I knew it would be warm and humid, and I didn’t feel like carrying anything in my hands today so I opted for my Salomon Hydration Vest which I absolutely love!

I froze my flasks and almost regretted it as I wasn’t sure how long they would take to start thawing. However, it was 90 degrees this morning so they didn’t take long to provide delicious ice cold water.

I drove to McAllister Park again this week. I figured I would get half of my run on the natural trails, and the other half on the paved trails like last week. Keep my mind stimulated for the first half, you know?!

Well, almost immediately I started feeling things across my face and arms as I was running these trails. I then freaked out about a mile in when I realized I must be the first one on the trail that morning as I was busting through all the spider webs that had been made over night! Yuck!

I love running on trails, but the spiderwebs in my eyelashes was too much and I started to turn around at that point to just head back and then hit the paved trails. It was at that moment, another runner behind me passed me. Hallelujah! So, I did what any respectable runner would do, I turned back BACK around and stayed behind him so he could break all the cobwebs FOR me. Lol!

I’ll admit, I’m a spider web wuss. When I face planted directly into the middle of a huge one, that is when I couldn’t take it anymore.

I turned on my AirPods a few miles in, but I listened to a few podcasts. One featured Jenny Simpson and the other Alia Gray. I thoroughly enjoyed listening and then put them away and tried to enjoy the rest of my run noise free.

4.5 miles or so I was back where I started and after a few INSTAGRAM STORIES (if it’s not on Insta, it didn’t happen, right? Lol) I hit the paved trails for the last 7.5 miles.

I was keeping an even but easy pace and felt good about it after yesterday’s TIME TRIAL. The goal was to pick it up the last three miles and bring it home a little faster with tired legs.

I ate a GU Energy Stroopwafel Sports Nutrition Waffle about 8.5 miles into the run and it was delicious!!!!! I washed it down with the rest of my water and immediately wished I had more! I drank 34oz of water during the run and I know I sweated it all out! Crazy Texas summers!

I was so sweaty that my entire outfit was soaked. I was proud of the run, but very glad it was done! My shin started bothering me just a bit again so I planned on stopping to get some ice for my first ice bath to soak my feet, and a cup of ice for my face.

There are good runs, hard runs, easy runs and the I don’t wanna runs – but always remember – Run often, Run far, but never outrun your joy of running! Enjoy the journey, be present in each mile, and appreciate the gifts it continuously gives. Today was a good run, and I’m lucky I get to wake up every morning, stretch my arms, lace up my Brooks and #keepshowingup

I absolutely stopped and got a ten pound bag of ice. When I got home I immediately dumped it into the tub, ran a bit of water and sat my booty down. It was SO freaking cold! I should’ve got two bags though as it melted so quickly, but it still did the job! First time for everything!

After I shivered in the ice bath for 4-5 minutes, I got into the hot shower and made my self presentable for humans again. I was pretty gross after the sweat fest that happened during 12 miles!

Erik and Sarah’s last day had sadly arrived and we wanted to do brunch before they had to hit the road.

First, we went to see what the hotel downstairs had for brunch. However, what they advertised wasn’t what they had and we didn’t want to spend $30 for just a buffet. That being said, the buffet looked amazing but we all knew we wouldn’t eat $30 worth of food.

Second, we went to the Rustic as we had been wanting to show Erik and Sarah after we went with our Matrons of Honors last week. The USA had just won the Women’s World Cup in Soccer and it was a madhouse. That on top of it being Sunday brunch time, we were surprised we were able to snag a table outside. However, after looking at the menu we decided it wasn’t what we wanted either as it was only family style -one option brunch. Plus, they had to be on the road in 45 min to make Sarah’s flight.

So, guess where we ended up? Torchys Taco! Third time was a charm and it hit the spot! I had never been, and enjoyed my food to the very last bite!

I had the salad which was so good! I added chicken for protein and some avocado. Yum! I also had a few bites of Lynn’s queso. Impressed and want to go back! Yes, I’m probably the only person in the world who had never been to Torchys.

After the gang left, I headed to HEB to get some veggies and a few things for the week. I even found a cream cheese with extra protein in it! Score!

I told Lynn to meet me downstairs to help carry up groceries. I’m true Lynn fashion, it took her 15 minutes to arrive, so I started eating the groceries while I waited. Wheat Thins are my favorite! What can I say!?

Bella and Emmy are exhausted from the last few weeks of company, but have loved having our friends and family stay with us so much!

It was an excellent 4th of July week and I’m grateful for the new memories and for amazing people in my life!


– Do you have anything that grosses you out? Spiders, snakes, etc?!?!

– Do you like brunch or prefer just regular menu options?

– Have any podcasts that I should listen to?


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