Time Trial at the Track + Fredericksburg Fun + Wedding Venue + Chocolate

I was so excited (and terrified), to wake up for my Saturday time trial at the track. I wore my Chevron Houston Marathon In Training tank which I saved for the occasion. When you sweat it makes words of motivation, etc appear.

Let me tell you, with 80 degree temps and 90% humidity at 6am, it didn’t take long for the words to appear!

You can get your official In Training tank along with other merchandise HERE.

I completed my dynamic stretching and got a slow 3 mile warmup in beforehand my time trial.

It was a beautiful (hot and muggy) morning and one of my favorite things right now is seeing the sun come up during my morning runs. I’m finally getting used to the early alarms and truly look forward to this peaceful time of the day.

After my warmup I changed into my Brooks Hyperion, chugged a Nanohydr8, got my breath for about 5 minutes, and then got ready to hit GO on my Garmin!

The first mile was my slowest, but exactly where I wanted to be. Halfway through my second mile I dropped my damn phone, so I chunked it and my music for the remainder of the run.

I’ve come to realize I don’t love running with music as much early in the morning. I actually like to be in tune with what I’m doing and what’s going on. Plus, I hate carrying ANYTHING now in my hands. I’ll bust out my Koala Clip next time for my phone and then it won’t bother me as bad.

Now, give me a long race or maybe a 5k and I think I’ll be back in! I’ll probably listen for a bit tomorrow during my 12 miler. Maybe a podcast?!

Anyways, the second mile hurt bad, but I was still around the time I wanted/needed. However, to ensure I had a finishing time I would be happy with, and to hit a new goal… I knew I needed to haul butt that third mile. The first 800 meters was a little slower, but I was able to dig deep. That last 800 I was flying (for me) resulting in more than 30 seconds faster for the third mile than the first. The final .10 was where I needed as well, and then I tried not to die! 🙂

I’ll share numbers more as training is further in but I’m very excited for how this past month has gone! I’m blessed to have an incredible coach who inspires me, pushes me, and puts together plans that work for ME! I achieved a new goal, and I can’t wait to see what these legs are capable of in a few months and over the next several years!

After I did a mile cool down (7.1 total miles for the morning) I recorded a few instructional videos for someone and headed back home. What an incredible start to the weekend!

Once home, I inhaled a protein bar, showered and got ready as we were all headed out to Fredericksburg for the day. Erik has seen the venue, but Sarah hasn’t so we wanted to stop by and show her, and get more excited about our big day!

Erik is actually going to be the one marrying us which is very special and will make the big day that much more special!

Before we headed to the venue we walked down Main Street and sampled quite a few things at our favorite place Rustlin’ Robs Texas Gourmet Foods. That place never disappoints and Sarah has never been so we had to show her the ropes!

They have hundreds of items to taste, and I LOVE the wheat crackers they put out to sample everything on. There is even a section full of hot sauces, some so hot you have to sign a waiver and they are behind lock and key! Nooooo thankyou!

Afterwards, we went to one of my favorite stores, Camp Hayden. They make me want to be a cool nature gal as they have the cutest things!

  • They had tops like the following that I loved:
    You Had Me At Merlot Tank Tee &
    Rose All Day Tank Tee &
    Camping – Where you spend a fortune to live like you’re homeless – Pillow
  • After we perused Main Street, we headed to OUR VENUE to enjoy some wine (I had La Croix) and listen to so live music outside.
  • We talked Wedding for a bit, enjoyed the music, and decided that after we finished we’d head to Sample and Buy Venezuelan Chocolate at Chocolates El Rey.
  • Chocolates El Rey is very fancy and great for baking and chocolatiers. What they have is made with the finest cacao and every piece we tried was delicious!
  • I may or may not have ended up buying an entire bag of the disks that tasted the most like milk chocolate. Although the darker more bitter chocolate was good, I still prefer more milk or white chocolate.
  • Erik and Sarah has dinner with her old roommate tonight, so I got some time with my sweet girl!
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