4th of July Fun + Floating the River + Finally a Nap

Happy 4th of July and birthday to America! Last year we were watching the firework show in Washington DC. It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone and that this is the 3rd Independence Day I’m spend with Lynn! New traditions each year, love it!

After my run yesterday morning we headed to Texas Tubes in New Braunfels so we could float the river for a few hours. I had never done that before, and we had a lot of fun!

Erik had the good idea to get there right when they opened, and I’m glad we did. We parked right in front, was on the water within minutes, and didn’t have to wait in any lines!

The sun wasn’t out which was good and bad. The water was cold so that took some getting used to, but at least we didn’t get fried to a crisp while we floated.

My favorite part was a shoot they had which sent you down something that resembled a slide and waves. It was so much fun! I could’ve done that part over and over!

They had some fun cut outs that we took pictures in front of. Lynn thought she was cute trying to hold my hand as the character. Lol

Afterwards we went to River Hofbrau Beer Garden. We got right in which was good as we were all hungry!

The three musketeers all got some pretty incredible looking margaritas, and they were different than I’d seen before which was pretty cool!

I stuck with water on the rocks, but I did take a sip of Lynn’s just to taste and it was good!

I forgot to take a picture of our food, but my salad with chicken was delicious. They had a sherry vinaigrette which was one of the best I’d had in a restaurant.

They had more cut outs so naturally we had to take another picture!

We had a blast in New Braunfels and were pretty whooped by the time we got back! We were thinking of going to the River Walk, but instead ended up at home for a nap. I got a solid few hours in and it felt amazing! I truly needed that and with a few early bedtimes I’ll be back to normal!

Emmy was pretty exhausted as well!

We went to the pool for about an hour, and as the sun went down we decided to make salad and order pizza!

So, naturally I had pizza on the side and a big bowl of salad as my main course. Yum!

Headed out to get my 6 easy miles in this morning and I’m planning on getting a lot knocked out at work after! I have a Cryotherapy appointment early PM, and then we are meeting some friends downtown. Should be a fun evening!

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th!

-Have you ever floated the river before?

-See any parades for the 4th?

-Am I the only one who has to work tomorrow?


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