5 Miles to start the 4th of July + Erik and Sarah Have Arrived

Yesterday was a rest day, but I still started my day with coffee! I went away from my vanilla latte and decided to get an iced Americano with 6 shots and a little half and half instead. Mmmmm mmmmm good!

I was glad to finally set my alarm a bit later, and I’ve noticed my left shin is bothering me just a little. Not shin splints, but a bit higher up. So, I’m watching it as I don’t got time for any set backs!

Lynn’s brother Erik and his girlfriend Sarah arrived around 7pm last night! We are excited to have them here for a few days as they are hanging out until Sunday!

Erik has been here once before but it was Sarah’s first time. So, we decided to head downstairs, show her around a bit and find a place to eat without having to drive anywhere.

We decided on Piattis and it hit the spot for all of us. Lynn and I have been a few times and have loved it each time.

I enjoyed a beet and farro salad and of course I added onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. The more veggies the better and with added grilled chicken on a bed of arugula (my favorite) I enjoyed every bite!

Afterwards, we walked to where we could see the fireworks from Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It’s cool that they do that every night and we can enjoy a show if we’d like. A building blocked our view a bit, so next time we will walk down a little further.

This morning I had an easy 4 miler with the last mile being fartleks, recoveries in between and then a cool down to hit 5 miles. Felt good to get the legs opened up again after having a rest day yesterday.

I had my first ever Lara bar after and really liked it!

We are now headed to go float he river and to enjoy the 4th of July!

I hope y’all have an amazing day!

What are you up to today?

Do you have to go back to work tomorrow?

Participate in any races this morning?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!