Track Tuesday Back on Track (pun intended) + ART with Dale + Bobby Pins

Yesterday morning started with three pairs of shoes – Warm up, Speed and Recovery. I received my Oofos a week or so ago, and was super excited to give them their first whirl (blog post to come about these pieces of heaven in the coming week).

I was at the track by 5:15am and saw a lot of headlamps bobbing in the air along the track from a distance. Exciting

As you know, Monday’s Run was not my favorite, but I also shared how I know the importance of those easy slow recovery runs. I was so looking forward to hitting the track, and hitting my workout goals for that morning to feel back on top.

I had a two mile warmup and my legs already felt so much better. It also helps to run on flat surface vs the rolling elevation from the day before. I took a breather, put on my Brooks Hyperion (link HERE) and selected the interval workout I had plugged into my Garmin.

Workout consisted of 6 X 3 minutes with even pace, and I pushed! There was only a few seconds variance between each interval and I felt strong after #6, but definitely whooped. I was glad I hit my goal and walked away with head held high. It’s amazing what a difference a day makes!

Track workouts are definitely tough, both mentally and physically! There are always several points throughout these workouts I want to quit. That’s when you’ve got to grind, push, and tell your legs and brain that you are the boss. Hit those paces. Hit that workout!

I always walk away more excited after these types of workouts as speed is a good feeling. Heaven AND Hell is always felt on a track, yet I’m always excited to revisit both the next time!

I changed back into my Brooks Launch (link HERE) and ran about a mile to hit 6 for the morning to cool down before heading to the gym.

I met several other runners again which I love, and was fun to talk running for a few minutes before kissing the track goodby until be get close and personal again for a time trial this Saturday. I’m excited about that one!

My bun had turned into a birds nest, and I had zero Bobby pins left in my hair. So, if you are in need of any, I’m sure there are several dozen on the Clark High School Track. You’re welcome!

I need to spend a few more minutes securing that thing down in the morning as I can’t STAND my hair moving or flopping around as I run. Pet peeve!

I did my 40 minutes in the gym, and ended with a few 1:30 planks. Was very excited to have a Wednesday rest day as the sinus medication was kicking in and would feel good to set alarm a bit later to catch up on a few Zzzzzs! I’m loving my training more than I can explain! Having a coach, guidance and accountability is gold. Feeling good!

I shook up a chocolate protein shake and chugged it before heading into work. Delicious!

Had a Red Bull, bagel and grapes to munch on throughout the morning! I didn’t care for the limeade Red Bull sadly, as it was too sweet like key lime. It wasn’t refreshing like a few others I love. Almost made me thirsty from drinking it!

After work Lynn and I saw the famous DALE LONDOS for my weekly Active Release Technique massage. He worked on my legs and lower back, and worked on Lynn as well. He helps keep my muscles healthy, plus we always have so much fun chatting.

I also got to touch his Ironman Coin! He won it over the weekend which qualified him for the World Championships in September! He’s a freaking rockstar and can’t wait to track him that weekend to see how much butt he kicks!

I woke up this morning to another adorable picture of Bella and my sweet girl falling asleep last night. Bella thinks she is a human.

Hope you had a great day and are gearing up for a wonderful 4th of July with family friends and great food!


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