Not All Runs Are Created Equal + Sinus Infection Part 2 + Benefits of the Easy Recovery Runs + One Year Ago

Yesterday was Monday. Need I say more?

I did not love yesterday’s run. At all. Coming off such a high from Sunday’s run, it was a bummer that Monday’s didn’t provide the same feel good at the end of the run.

My legs were a bit tight and even though I felt like my effort was good, I was running very slow and it was hard. I had to remind myself that it was an easy recovery run. I had pushed myself the day before and had ran 16+ miles that weekend and two mobility/strength workouts on top of that. Plus, it’s always hard to see the slower miles on the Garmin, although I know that’s the point.

It’s the slow easy runs that should earn more respect.

  • Provides fundamental adaptations
  • On easy days, you’re mostly using slow-twitch muscle fibers which have higher density of mitochondria, high levels of aerobic enzymes and greater capillary density than fast twitch fibers.
  • On easy days, you increase all of the above to those muscles so they can better utilize oxygen. Without that, you can’t do the intense runs.
  • All runners, especially beginners, benefit tremendously from slow runs and it’s these that help you progress to longer runs and higher intensity, safely!
  • Most importantly, it allows for recovery from the hard runs
  • If a runner doesn’t recover, the body is not going to adapt, and you risk injury and won’t see the benefits that you are trying so hard to achieve.
  • Pace is the most important thing to keep easy on easy days.

So, don’t get discouraged by slow easy days. Instead, know that they are crucial to reaching the goals ahead.

Enjoy slowing it down, know that the heavy legs are earned from the hard days, and know that it’s the tough runs that have to happen to truly relish in and appreciate the runs that feel incredible!

I learned a few things ( okay, actually reminded myself) during yesterday’s run and I felt instantly better!

I am lucky I get to run. During hard runs I repeat it over and over and remind myself of those few months earlier in the year when I couldn’t. I’m lucky.

You know what wasn’t lucky? Learning that my insurance blows and that my DR appointment yesterday would be $200 bucks. Yup, you read that right, $200 bucks.

As you know, I had a severe sinus infection 5 or 6 weeks ago. It never fully went away and I’ve still been stopped up and the past 10 days or so especially has been rough. The mornings and nights I was having a hard time breathing and had resulted in crappy sleep.

So, I sucked it up, made the appointment and realized I had a slight fever and an ongoing sinus infection. I don’t even think I realized how bad I was really feeling as it had been several weeks. I thought maybe allergies or something.

So, I got a shot in the butt, prescribed two medications and headed to CVS to pick them up.

Once I drove all the way there, they told me they were out of my medicine and wouldn’t have any until today. So, I did what any rational person would do and bought ice cream and candy instead.

Once I got home, I made salad (of course) and Lynn and I worked on plans the rest of the week. Her brother and his girlfriend are spending the 4th with us and leaving Sunday. It’s going to be a lot of fun and we are very excited!

Last year Erik and their cousin Alan came to spend the 4th Of July with us in DC, as we were living in Virginia at the time. We had so much fun and we miss that place very much!

Finally, Facebook reminded me that a year ago I did something I thought was impossible. I conquered a 50k that started at 5pm in 100 degree heat. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d do a 50 miler less than a year later!

We are so much stronger than we ever know and capable of more than we could ever dream.

Have a great night!


– Any plans for the 4th?

– What is something you’ve done that you never would have thought possible in precious years?

What are some things you tell yourself during a tough run?


2 thoughts on “Not All Runs Are Created Equal + Sinus Infection Part 2 + Benefits of the Easy Recovery Runs + One Year Ago

  1. I’m the same way! on my “easy/recovery” workout days I always feel like I should be doing so much more! it drives me crazy! But you’re right, recovery days make the hard work out days possible!

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