When Everything Clicks on a Run + the Great Flood of McAllister Park + Deer Everywhere + Weekly Miles

Yesterday I had 10 miles to knock out and it had poured and stormed the night before and was still drizzling. So, I braced for the worst, forgot a towel, didn’t take a change of clothes… and was out the door! Lol

I decided to try a new route out at a new area, Mcallister Park. I’d heard a lot about the park but being a 25 min drive I hadn’t made it out there for an early morning run yet! There are a ton of routes, loops, trails, paths and even a dog park and a soccer field! It was huge and hard to figure it out, but by the end I was giving people directions.

Another reason I had made the drive was because I was hoping to get less elevation than what I had been running all week. When I got to the park, however, and saw how beautiful the trails themselves were I almost changed my mind and ran on those as well, not caring about elevation.

However, since the great flood of McAllister Park had happened, one step in the trail and my shoe sunk inches into the mud and weighed five lbs more from it sticking. Nope, Never mind. Paved trails here I come! I will be back to run those very soon!

I found a parking spot by the dog park and realized the trail that I was going to run actually connected to the trail I run allllll the way from home. So, if I ever need to knock out 20+ miles, I can run a straight shot (with lots of rolling hills) and have water fountains every so often!

The next thing that was absolutely incredible were the deer. I pulled up and I counted 15 just from where I was standing. They were everywhere! Such beautiful little animals. One of them came up super close! I had to get the picture from the video I took so I apologize it’s a bit blurry.

Anyways, ten miles. My thought process was to run 5 out and 5 back, especially since I didn’t know where I was going and didn’t want to get lost. It was drizzling but I was okay with it as it was keeping things a bit cooler.

It was more elevated than I would’ve liked, but less than half of what is normal from home so 200 feet for ten miles was fine!

My first mile I took slow as I got my feet under me and started to flush the junk, and by mile 3 I was feeling really good! Then….

…..I ran into my first long patch of water. You can’t really tell but my feet are completely under water. Oh well, kept my feet cool. Too bad I also forgot a pair of sandals or dry shoes (insert face palm here).

I then had to run through another…. and then a third long patch of water, this one up to calves.

Hey, I didn’t want to turn around and wanted to keep exploring to get to the halfway point.

My run was starting to turn into a progressive run, each mile was a little faster than the previous which felt good! However, at mile 3.5 I ran into a lake that was created by the great flood of McAllister Park 2019 😉

The picture above was in one direction, the below picture shows behind me the guide sign almost under water. Notice my face. Not happy, but not about to drown trying to my miles in, in that direction. Not todaaaay!

So, I decided I would run the 3.5 miles back and then go out for 1.5 and turn around for the final 1.5. Whew. I hate running math, that’s 10 miles, right?! Lol

Lynn was making fun of me during my stories. I was talking about seeing the airplanes take off (the park is RIGHT by the airport during parts) and how it got me excited thinking about all the family reunions that are about to happen, exciting vacations, etc. whenever I’m on a plan it’s for exciting things so I got excited seeing them. I was obviously high on endorphins, and I told Lynn as much.

Next time I want to try the blue loop, which is dirt trails!

So, the run was fantastic. I definitely pushed the last few miles as I wanted to keep the progressive run going. My final mile was an 8:40 pace which isn’t bad after 10 easy miles and almost 41 miles for the week!

Everything clicked yesterday and it felt good to feel great about a run, find some new routes to run, and start the day out in the zone!

Weekly Miles: (Runs all have different goals and purpose and are followed by strength/mobility)

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 6 miles

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – 5.2 miles

Friday – 7 miles

Saturday – 6.2

Sunday – 10 and change

TOTAL – 40.8

I then braved HEB before heading home, put up groceries, then headed to the gym to finish my workout!

Before I went, however, I had some protein and it hit the spot!

Rest and spending time with my girl took up the rest of the day.

Dinner was all about that Ahi Tuna!

What a wonderful end to the week! I feel strong and can’t wait for another week!


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