Recovery Run + The Rim San Antonio + Our Matron of Honors Meet + Runner’s Brain

What a fun few days it’s been! It was so nice to have Rachel here and dinner the night before was delicious!

I had an easy 5 mile recovery run to knock out bright and early, and I tried not to disturb anyone as I headed out. I simply did my normal loop and enjoyed once again seeing the city come to life! Almost 300 feet of elevation, but I’m getting used to it a bit!

I had band work planned after my run, so I hid them in the bushes so I didn’t have to go back upstairs wasting time or waking anyone up!

I was a bit sluggish and as a result I had a case of runners brain on the way back. I usually map it out to where I hit the mile marker in front of the gym to end the run, but since I had my bands hidden I still had .2 at that juncture, which made the run long.

So, I got all excited and decided I would just run the .2 and get in a 10k for the morning! As I neared the hiding place for my bands, I looked down and saw 5.2 miles. 5.2? Wtf?

Oh yeahhhh…. I only had a 5 mile planned that morning, not the usual 6. Insert palm to forehead here.

I decided not to do my band work in the gym, but to do it outside at one of the workout areas overlooking the city!

I have really enjoyed having mobility/strength/core etc each day after my runs. I feel as if it’s making me stronger and more well rounded. It’s also a nice way to cool down and finish seeing the sunrise and to start a beautiful new day!

Work was busy and I was looking forward to the evening as Lynn and I had arranged to have dinner at the Rim. We had been wanting Rachel and Whitney (our matron of honors) to meet and we just knew they were going to really get along! Plus, we had never really been to the Rim, even though it’s a mile from our house.

We started at MASH’D and I couldn’t believe we had never been there before! The menu looked awesome and was printed like a newspaper. They are known for Moonshine and their food was fancy and served in different glasses/vessels.

They also provide unique horoscopes and link it to their menu items. Clever!

Lynn had Moonshine of some type, and it looked delicious. I was a good girl and had water as I knew I had a tough track workout this morning. I knew it wouldn’t do me any favors.

We were there for at least a couple hours and had some great conversations. Real life stories and connection, we loved it! The girls got along great and connected on several things. They were both in the military for example!

I wanted to try the food, but we will do another time. We wanted to check out THE RUSTIC and decided to eat there and enjoy the live music which was set to start shortly after we arrived.

They had a frozen Moscow mule which I want to go back sometime and try. Those are one of my favorite drinks, so refreshing!

I ordered a romaine salad and added grilled chicken and extra toppings. Glad I did as it barely had anything on it. You know how I am, the more toppings the better!

The salad looks pretty, but it wasn’t my favorite. The lettuce was grilled (tasted like smoke) and everything was dripping in butter and oil. I ate it, but I was a little grossed out.

We had so much fun learning more about each other, talked bachelorette and laughed quite a bit. Then, we listened to the music when it started around 9pm.

The Rustic was huge and had a large back patio area. I never knew all of that was out there and we can’t wait to go back! It got packed, so we will have to make sure we get there at a decent hour.

We are lucky to have some amazing girls by our side for the biggest day of our lives!

I’m a lucky girl!


– Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?

– Do you like live music when having dinner or drinks, or more peace and quiet?

– Have any plans this weekend?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!