Running + Rest Day and Rest at Night + Recovery + Rewarding + Rachel – Important Things to Remember

Yesterday was my rest day for the week. After putting in 40 miles last week and on my way to another 40 this week, it was nice not to set a 4:30am alarm. That doesn’t mean that my body didn’t still decide to wake up that early. Whatever, I guess new habits are forming even that early in the morning!

I had received these Runner Vitamins a few months ago, and decided that yesterday was the day to pop the bottles and try. They were invented by a runner, for us runners so I’m excited to give my body a little more of what it needs to perform and recover well. Lots of research done and amazing things are in just a few pills to keep us healthy!

Vitamins, supplements, and minerals specifically engineered to improve the performance of runners.

You can order under my gear or click Runner Multivitamin or Runner Multivitamin & Joint Support Bundle or Runner Multivitamin & Omega 3 Bundle

Rest Days –

I’ve learned two things over the past several years (and more so recently) about how important rest is. Not only rest days, but getting enough rest at night!

Rest days are important to give the body time to repair, and to give it a break from the amazing things happening!

Running causes microscopic tears in your muscles and a breakdown of your entire physiological system, thanks to the impact load. A rest day allows your body to recover from this breakdown.

Rest at night –

One of the most important ways sleep can help your running is water reabsorption. During sleep, the kidney balances water, sodium and other electrolytes. Without enough water the kidneys can’t balance electrolytes properly.

Dehydration leads to muscle pain while running and poor performance. Make sure during these hot summer months you are taking in enough liquid!

Besides all the scientific stuff, rest is simply good for you. You’ll have more energy, a better attitude and probably a much better work out. I’m also way more productive during the day when I’ve had enough sleep. Something to think about!

I’m taking my own advice here and making this a priority! Early bed times will equal faster miles on the road and a body that is rested enough to #keepshowingup

Recovery –

Recovery comes down to repairing, resting and refueling–while still allowing the body to adapt to the training workload and reap fitness gains. It also reduces your risk of overuse injuries and stress fractures.

Distance runners especially need that sleep/repair time to make sure that muscles recover from training.

I visit ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY at least once a week for compression and cryotherapy which helps in my recovery as well!

Recovery runs (for those that run at least 5 days a week, at least one should be a recovery run) do not enhance recovery. Nevertheless, recovery runs are almost universally practiced by top runners. That wouldn’t be the case if this type of workout weren’t beneficial. So what is the real benefit of recovery runs?

They increase your fitness–perhaps almost as much as longer, faster runs do–by challenging you to run in a pre-fatigued state (i.e. a state of lingering fatigue from previous training.)

Something else I’m learning to love!


Running is always rewarding to me. It might be that I get to be outside while the sunrise is happening. It might be that I get to travel to new exciting places and connect with some incredible athletes. It might be that I trained my butt off and PRd or won a race. Whatever the result, if you treat your body with care by giving it the rest and recovery it needs, every mile should feel rewarding.

Have faith, patience and believe. Trust the process,and as a wise woman once told me, the numbers on the Garmin will take care of themselves.


Lynn’s best friend and matron of honor came into town yesterday and she will be leaving Friday! She was actually on my first date with Lynn as they were at a bar chilling as a result of Freepress being canceled a few years ago.

It was so nice to get to catch up with her over dinner at UNIKO JAPANESE HOUSE

Uniko is one of our favorite restaurants and it’s nice that we can just walk down and eat from where we live!

We had our favorite ceviche in the world, with all of its sesame, Asian, ginger, soy goodness!

We then moved on to a thinly sliced akauishi beef that we cooked on a small rock. The meat had a truffle oil on it and was delicious with a really good sauce to dip in on top of everything else!

We had a stuffed avocado and a couple of sushi rolls and left feeling pretty satisfied!

Rachel is an awesome person and we are so glad she came! She is Lynn’s matron of honor and I’m glad she’s had such a good friend to rely on over the years! Good friends are so important! I’m excited to continue to get to know her and look forward to her visiting again soon!

I hope everyone is having an amazing week. I’m excited for tomorrow’s tough work and slow longer miles this weekend!

Remember Rest and Recovery – they are more important that the runs themselves. I


– What is the best restaurant you’ve ever been?

– Are you someone that likes truffle? I can put it on anything!

– How do you recover after a run days?


2 thoughts on “Running + Rest Day and Rest at Night + Recovery + Rewarding + Rachel – Important Things to Remember

  1. This post reminded me that I need to pick up some vitamins for my upcoming marathon training season.

    The food pictures are making me hungry, but I must be strong and go to the gym first.

    Truffle on popcorn and french fries = AMAZING!

    1. Lol! Glad I could help on the vitamin side of things. Which one do you take?

      Truffle on popcorn?! Mind. Blown! I love that stuff, truffle fries are one of my faves!

      Have a great weekend!

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