Monday Miles + Track Tuesday + ART + Productive + Chevron Houston Marathon Gear

The above was pretty much how I looked waking up yesterday at 5am to knock out 6 easy miles. It’s been the hardest run to push through in the past few weeks. Mostly because it was so stinking humid, but I’m sure a super active weekend didn’t help.

So, after this upcoming weekend… #gooddecisions all around πŸ™‚

I had a decent run, but the mobility and strength at the gym I really loved yesterday. I had probably woken up a bit more by then. It could also be that “I love running (as soon as I’m done)” mentality. HA!

I was super annoyed, however, that they didn’t have any cold water… or water AT ALL… at the gym.

Being that the weekend was super jam packed, I didn’t get a chance to grocery shop.

So, after work I braved HEB and two hours later I came out poorer and angry at all man kind. Lol! Soooo many people out and about!

I got a ton of stuff to cook up that could be reheated, or easy to prep. Lynn is off all summer, and if I didn’t cook or grocery shop she’d have pop-tarts and lunchables for the next 3 months. True story πŸ™‚ HA

It got late, and I wanted to Blog last night as I didn’t get a chance to do THAT all weekend either, so if you missed out… you can read all about breweries, beer, vineyards, and more HERE.

I went to bed super late and had a tough track workout this morning, but I woke up right before my alarm went off feeling good.

I was at the track this morning by 5:30 am, and was surprised that the air had a coolness to it. Pleasantly surprised! It didn’t last long as after my running drills, stretching and warm up… I was already sweating bullets.

I had a timed ladder followed by a fast mile. I was surprised how great everything felt with tired legs, and I was faster on the speed portions than I guessed!

As I was cooling down after the intervals, I got to see the most beautiful sunrise take place and San Antonio come to life. I absolutely love seeing this in the mornings and it’s now one of my favorite parts of the day! What a blessing each new day is!

After the workout, I did a 1.5 mile cool down and clocked just a tad over 6 miles for the morning. I felt freaking awesome, and things totally clicked today! What a difference from Monday’s Miles!

Track Tuesday meant a lot of folks were out there busting butt to become faster runners. There were a couple of guys that were FLYING around that track. I want to be them when I grow up. HA!

After a bit more stretching, I had several mobility exercises to complete before my morning routine switched over to getting ready for work. These shoes are so dirty from the trail runs, but I think they’ve only got about 100 miles left in them and ill need a new pair. Yeah!

Next time I will take my Brooks Hyperion for the speed portion of the workout, and wear my Launch 5s for the rest.

I was super productive today at work, so maybe 4.5 hours of sleep and a kick ass track Tuesday workout are the secret ingredients.

I had an appointment with DALE LONDOS tonight and had my fiancΓ© in tow. I see Dale every 2 weeks or less for Active Release Techniques, which is deep tissue bodywork. It helps move the junk out of muscles from all the runs and keeps me injury free. Dale was a lifesaver when I hurt both my ankles beginning of the year, and I’ve gone to him since.

We came home and started cleaning as Lynn’s best friend Rachel is staying with us for a few days starting tomorrow. As we were cleaning, I finished making the few items I didn’t get to the day before. Brussels, salmon and breakfast tacos to have ready to go!

I made a gigantic salad and threw a bit of everything on top. Was delicious! I’m really trying to get more protein in during the day as I know how important it is for recovery of the muscles.

As you all know, I was chosen with just a handful of folks to be an ambassador for the Chevron Houston Marathon in January. They sent me a tank (which has words pop up that are sweet activated), an awesome hat, koozies etc. I know as time gets closer we receive shoes and more for race weekend and I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity!

Can’t wait to race my 22nd Marathon and 6th Houston Full January 19th, 2020!

Use the link HERE to register for any race that weekend! Come run with me!

Look how cool the hat is! Downtown City landscape under the brim, and cutouts of Texas.

I’m grateful for all the amazing opportunities I’ve been given this year, and it’s incredible the places running has taken me, and will continue to lead me. I can’t wait to keep learning, experiencing and growing as an athlete! Hopefully I get faster along the way πŸ˜‰

See you at the start line!

Tomorrow is a rest day! Woo hoo!


-Are you someone that wears hats?

-Do you like to cook? Favorite thing to cook?

-What is a race that I need to sign up in 2020? Any favorites?


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