What a weekend! Wedding Venue + Vineyards + Breweries + Friends + 40 Mile Week

It is now 9pm on Monday. I know I said to kick me if I wasn’t in bed by 9pm every night this week. However, it’s been such a crazy busy 3 days I haven’t blogged and I wanted to get share it all with you before more fun happens.

Saturday morning I woke up early (but not early enough to beat the humidity, holy crap!) as I had a 6 mile run to knock out, as well as 45 min after working on mobility and strength.

Two miles into my run I saw a herd of fast dudes running towards me. So, I tried to act like my legs weren’t on fire and stay ahead of them for the next 200 meters to reach the water fountain. Yeah, nope! They blazed by me and hit the fountain before I did! Show offs.

They were grabbing some water as well, so when I stopped, I told them there’s nothing like turning around at 6am on a quiet road and seeing 20 fast dudes coming at you like a herd of animals. I actually ended up knowing a few of them, one being a fellow Scallywompus ambassador so we first bumped before they headed out to show off running 5 min miles.

6 miles with a negative split. Second half was several minutes faster than the first half. The final mile my fastest. My legs have been tired all week with the miles, and workouts after each. However, my legs are opening up a bit and flushing the junk after the first few miles. Even with elevation I am faster for the second half, even going by feel on the easy runs and not a certain pace. Trusting in this beautiful (and painful) process! 🙂

After my workout, I showered quickly as we were riding with our friend Whitney to our venue in Fredericksburg. We get married in less than 5 months, hard to believe!

Before we met our others friends at the venue, we meandered around Main Street and started at Rustlin’ Robs.

Have you ever gone into a location where you can literally try hundreds of different food items? You are MISSING OUT! From salsas and dips, to chili and olive oils… they have it all! Want a pound of wheat thins to taste it all for free? You are in the right place! Go in hungry, leave 10 pounds heavier!

We then, of course, had to stop at Dogologie to see if there was anything that our pups couldn’t live without! Doggie birthday cake anyone?

We walked into a Camp Hayden, another store we love…. and they were giving out free Lonestar. So, we cracked 3 open, cheered… and realized we had to leave as it was time to meet our other friends!

Alberto and his wife, Chef And Whitney all agreed to spend the afternoon with us at our venue. They helped us come up with a menu for the big day, schematic for how things would go down, etc! It was actually a beautiful day and we talked over some wine and cheese.

We are lucky to have such amazing people in our lives. Giving up their time to help us make sure our day is perfect means more than they will ever know!

We left our venue and headed to another vineyard as there are a ton in Fredericksburg. We ended up at GRAPE CREEK and decided to do a tasting and have dinner after we sampled the wine. It was good to catch up further and we are so glad Whitney was able to get away for the day!

Dinner was fantastic! We had salad, meatballs, mushrooms, and a truffle pizza with arugula and other pieces of heaven. Yum, yum, yum! They do think highly of their food, however, as it was very expensive! We had another glass of wine to ease the pain as we paid the check. Lol

On the way home, Whitney was FaceTiming with her little girl and it was so cute to see 🙂

Bedtime followed pretty quickly after we got home, as I had a 9 mile run Sunday morning.

I like to punish myself. Looking at the elevation chart above, 333 feet of elevation gain over 9 miles isn’t ideal. However, every run this week has had almost 200 feet. We live at the top of a hilly area, in freaking hill country. So, I will be googling some flatter areas to get some miles in, although this makes me strong as well!

It was a peaceful run and I tricked myself into thinking the run was half the distance. How? If it’s a 9 mile run, I’ll say it’s 4.5 out, and then 4.5 back. It’s easier to swallow the 4.5 and then when I’m turning around it’s like I’m on my way to the finish line. Hey, whatever you gotta do to get through the miles sometimes!

I ended the week’s run at the gym with some core work.

40 miles for the week + 6 workouts!

Monday – 6 miles

Tuesday – 6.5 miles

Wednesday- rest

Thursday – 6 miles

Friday – 6.5 miles

Saturday – 6 miles

Sunday – 9 miles

Each run had a different purpose, different workouts within them, and different paces. I’m happy with how the week went!

I showered after the gym (your welcome friends) and straightened my hair. Why? To wear it down for 5 seconds before I put it back in a ponytail and then put it up in a bun later.

We met our friends Suzanne and Cindi at KUENTSLER BREWING for a few beers and a snack.

The beer was delicious and several hours later our cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Seriously. We had a blast and truly enjoyed opening up and getting to truly know each other. They are good people 🙂

Cindi and Lynn smoked a chocolate something or other cigar, and Suzanne and I talked about how we don’t understand the point of smoking and not inhaling. LOL

We had a delicious cheese platter, thanks ladies, and eventually had to go inside as it got pretty warm outside!

Cindi didn’t like pictures, and had to either flip her hair, or put on some shades to agree to us taking one. LOL!

After we had our fill of yeast and hops, we headed to DOWN ON GRAYSON to soak it up with food.

I had a delicious salad, Lynn had nachos and the girls had sandwiches. You wouldn’t know it though as I forgot I had an iPhone that took pictures for that meal 🙂

I could go on and on, but it’s an hour and a half past my bedtime, so today’s run recap will have to wait. I also have a tough track workout in the morning. 5 hours of sleep should be enough, right? Eeek

See you at the start line!


What is your favorite beer or brewery?

– Do you have tricks you use to get through tough or long runs?

– Any accomplishments or fun times from the weekend you want to share/brag about?


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