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I love running – (when I’m done) headband!

This Week’s Friday Favorites (and a few wish list items)

To Be A Runner Excerpt


Wednesday was my rest day, an I was actually itching to get back on the road Thursday morning. I love when I get in a grove and I start to really crave the miles.

I have absolutely loved getting my runs in early in the morning. It’s so peaceful, I love seeing the city come to life, and I love having it done before it feels like an oven out. I mean, at 5:15 this morning it was already 80 and with humidity felt like 88 degrees. Disgusting.

Yesterday I had an easy 6 miles with 45 minutes of stuff planned at the gym after. So, I had salted watermelon GU for my pre run fuel, stretched, and was out the door! I’ve ran more elevation this week than normal, on the easiest of miles and it gets easier 🙂

It was fun seeing the city awaken while I was underneath the city, if that makes sense. More noise, people and cars appear every minute as the sun rises. Love it!

I also love this water fountain that is along one of my new routes! I’m able to fill up my water bottle and keep on trucking! Lynn thinks it looks like a cactus. What do you think? Coincidence?

I used resistance bands yesterday and enjoyed working different muscles.

We met up with some friends last night at Flying Saucer, enjoyed about three hours of conversation and some pretty good nachos. Before we knew it, it was 9:30pm! Ahh!

This morning was a little hard to get out of bed as the alarm went off at 4:30am. Little earlier as I had to drive to the track for today’s workout! Perfect day for my I love Running (when it’s over) headband!

Real quick – next week is early bed. No questions asked. No excuses. Period. I want 8 hours next week as I want to see how much better I feel with sleep. I’ve been tired this week getting up early, and I plan on continuing to do early mornings. Also, I want to ensure my body gets the rest it needs to recover and repair. Tired legs this week, but body adjusting! So, if you see me on social media after 9pm. Yell at me!

I did a few mile warmup, intervals, and cool down to total 6 miles. I then headed to the gym to get in strength training!

I stopped at sonic on the way back to the apartment for a glorious Route 44 ice water with extra ice. It was the best thing I’ve ever had. Tasted so refreshing after sweating my butt off at the track! Plus, I LOVE their ice!

Poor Bella has been sick 🙁 Poor baby hasn’t been able to keep anything in the past few days. We finally got a little bit of food in her today, but she’s had a miserable few days. We just love that girl and wish we could help her more!

I updated a few sections on my blog, HERE and HERE regarding coaching as I’ve been asked by several folks to provide some info. I’ve also updated HERE some of my favorite gear. Lots more changes to come!

I also had a glorious nap at Alamo City Cryotherapy while I gave my legs a million hugs with the compression boots! I wish I had a pot of these at home! The team there is always so welcoming and kind. For all of you gearing up in the next few months for Marathon Training, make sure you check them out!

I then followed it up with -220 degrees of Cryotherapy! It’s miserably wonderful!

We are going to see our venue tomorrow and get our menu planned! Will be a fun weekend! Early morning run, gotta go!

Have a great weekend!


– What are some new items that you can’t live without?

– What is your favorite interval/running workout?

– What is the best wedding food you’ve ever had?


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites + I’m Loving Having a Plan + Poor Bella + Updates

  1. Aw, feel better, Bella!!

    Salted Watermelon.. I am so curious about that flavor!

    – I can’t live without a white noise fan at night, lol. I HAVE to sleep with white noise. Also can’t live without my blender- I use it every day I think.
    – Just love a good ol’ tempo run
    – Best wedding food- Hmm that’s a hard one! I had a really great vegan dish that was a stuffed portobello mushroom & ohhh so yummy! But where there is sugar, that trumps all- so bring on the cake!

    1. Hi Mackenzie! I used to always have a white noise fan as well, but now we just have a regular ol’ fan to keep it cooler 🙂

      Salted watermelon was good.
      Not my favorite, but good!

      That wedding dish sounds good and mushrooms are one of my favorite things ever. Sugar though? I’m soooo in agreement! They should make the course all in candy… start with the candy sushi and move along. Lol!

      Hope you’re having a great week!

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