Sore Everywhere + Rest Day + Oofos + Date Night + Need a Violin Player

I posted on my stories yesterday a few floors of stairs, and then I posted the elevator that I took instead. Yup, this week I’ve incorporated more mobility and strength with my running and every muscle from my chest to my knees is wondering what’s going on!

Yesterday I woke up at 5am and stretched then got a warmup, workout, and cool down which totaled 5.89 miles. I posted some videos of A and B skips, and Lynn made fun of me all day for it. Yeah, they don’t look cool… but they will help make me fast 🙂

After another 45 minutes in the gym, everything hurt so it was time to shower and head to work!

Favorite move of the day? One legged Russian Deadlifts!

We went on a last minute date night. All the way downstairs where we live 🙂 We had a few happy hour snacks and a drink… and talked about wedding. 5 months, can you believe it?!

We had hummus and a half dozen oysters. Delicious!

The bartender made us a muddled tomato drink with tequila, lime, Worcestershire, Tabasco, etc… was very tasty! I’m really going to be limiting the libations (fancy word for drinks) as this training gets going! Nothing is going to hold me back 🙂

Today was a rest day, and it felt good to sleep in a few more hours. I feel a bit of a funk coming again…. and I never get sick! So frustrating. So, hit the store to get a few things just in case.

While there, I got some resistance loop bands that I needed and a massage ball that moves and feels amazing on my sore muscles! You can try the massage ball here —> Manual Massage Ball Roller Seriously, it feels incredible! Good hurt on the sore muscles, and like a massage on the rest!

Something else I was SSSOOOOOO excited to get was my pair of Oofos in the mail!

Get your pair here —> OOFOS Oolala Thong Sandal Flip Flop

  • I tried them on, and almost slept in them they were so comfortable! They are meant to cushion your feet and help your recover from the bottom up after a workout or a run. They are like clouds.
    • Reduces stress on sore feet, knees, and back 
    • Enables more natural motion

    I had my last GU protein smoothie. I prefer the chocolate to the vanilla, but it was really good! I need more!

    I have a question for you all! Anyone in the area play or know someone who plays the violin? We need/want someone to play at our wedding on November 23rd while guests are being seated and as we walk down the aisle. Then they can stay and enjoy the party with us!

    Got get to bed! Early morning run and gym are on the agenda!

    See you at the start line!

    -Do you play any instruments? I played the flute all through middle and high school. I always fought to keep first chair! Once marching band started in high school I didn’t like it as much. Preferred concert and quit my senior year as a result.

    -What do you do the second you start to feel sick? I never get sick, ever. However I just got over a severe sinus infection so I’ll be pissed if I get sick again!


    4 thoughts on “Sore Everywhere + Rest Day + Oofos + Date Night + Need a Violin Player

    1. straussem426

      If you think you’re coming down with something, take Airborne! My mom (and me by default) swear by it. You can take it 3-4 times a day. And if it doesn’t totally pull you out of your funk, it lessons the cold tremendously. (Ask Lynn, I’m pretty sure my mom’s gotten on her about it before…)

        1. Lynn Papke

          Elizabeth, you and your mom are so right about Airborne…THE bestttt, but not so tasty when mixed up as a drink, but we get it down still lol! Taushah knows better lol. I’ll be pulling it out (in the various forms we have scattered around the apartment) for her to take. 🙂

        2. straussem426

          Yeah… the taste is not my favorite either. I normally put it in a Dixie cup and then pretend it’s a shot.

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