What a Storm + Miles & Mobility + New Tires

So, as I said in yesterday’s post, early bedtime starts tonight! I was very tired today as we went to bed a little late and body getting used to training. That, and the sky almost fell out last night as there were terrible storms!

Lynn’s parents texted us this picture about the same time we had a flat tire last night. We barely missed the onset of storm and hail! Glad they had no car damage, etc…

This morning had amazing cool weather as a result! When 67 is chilly, you know you are in Texas and it’s been hot as hell.

My alarm went off at 5am and I admittedly hit snooze twice so I was out the door just a few minutes later than I wanted. However, 5:30am and seeing the city come to life during an easy 6 miles was heaven.

My legs were a bit tired from yesterday’s 7 mile workout, but I stretched before I started and within a few miles the junk had flushed and I was in a grove.

The rain really flooded some of the area alongside a few running trail routes. I got lucky that I only had to climb up one area to get around it 🙂

Was beautiful to see the sun start to peek through and I was excited at the turn around to head back towards the gym!

I was glad that I ate a Stroopwafel and had a GU gel before I left as the workout from start to finish was almost two hours! Hot chocolate in wafel form? Yum!

I got in 45 minutes of mobility work and headed back to the apartment to shower, down some protein and head to work!

As the fiancé and I were taking out the pups, Lynn asked if my shirt was on inside out. No way, why would you think that?

Oh yeah, the big giant ass tag hanging off the side! Glad she saw it before my peeps at work did!

After work we headed to Discount Tire to get Lynn some new tires. I feel better that I know she’s driving safe and not on a donut! She’s my world, gotta keep her out of harms way!

Early wake up for another fun workout and more miles! Enjoy your evening!


– How do you fuel after a run or workout?

– Ever gone out in public with an article of clothing on wrong or missing?

– Any medal Monday’s to brag about?


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