Father’s Day + Friends + Fun + Flat Tire + 7 Purposeful Miles

Happiest of Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there! I’m grateful for my Dad, Stepdad and now Dad Papke as well! I appreciate all they’ve done and continue to do for me! Love you guys!

This next week is going to be pretty brutal, so super early morning wake up calls will be in order. This means I’ll need to be in bed at a decent hour. Babe, I’m going to need your help with this! In bed will also mean no phone! Okay, done!

This morning I wanted to wake up early and get in a 7 mile run before it was 742 degrees outside. I set my alarm for 5:50, but hit snooze a few times. I was out the door around 6:30 (I’ll move faster next time) and it was already 80, with an 80 percent humidity. Yuck!

I took a Blackberry GU, did some leg swings, etc to warm up the muscles… then chugged a Nanohydr8 and headed out the door. Info on these products HERE

I wanted to get in a slow 2 mile warmup, a fast 3 miles, and then cool down with another 2 miles to equal 7 for the day!

Things went about as I expected, but I forgot how much it hurt to go fast! Lol! I’ve got lots of work ahead of me, but some solid ways to get there!

There is a lot of elevation at my in-laws so I had about 500 feet mixed in. Good workout!

Please read the excerpt above from the book below! I fell in love with running even more after reading this as it’s so true! What an awesome way to think how running takes us places mentally and physically we never dream could be possible!

To Be a Runner: An inspiring book!

I continued to read after my run while Lynn packed her stuff up so we could hit the road. We were headed to our friends Luther and Nita’s house for lunch and an hour or two in the pool before we had to hit the road for home!

Lunch was delicious! We had home made pasta, steaks, baked potatoes and cream corn. Was SO good!

I didn’t get any pictures, but I want to make that for us to eat at home. Yum!

Now, time to hit the road for home!

Remember how I said we were going to hit the road? Well, about an hour into our drive, Lynn’s car was making some funny noises. We stopped, didn’t see anything… air still in tires… so we thought we were okay. 10 minutes later, got worse, so I said to pull over again. This time I could see what was wrong, as the previous time when we stopped the bad part of the tire was under so I couldn’t see.

Well, this time I could see the wires and a big bulge on the other side, so I knew the tire was about to blow.

So, we pulled into a driveway, and I proceeded to look up how to change a tire on YouTube. I found the tools, figured out how to get the tire out, and was proceeding to get the car jacked up when someone needed out of the driveway and we were blocking the way.

He offered for his son to help us change the tire if we’d drive to the back just a bit. Very nice family who was celebrating Father’s Day outside with a home cooked meal.

I’d have got it done, but it was nice that they were able to help and had bigger and better tools to do so. They had that tire off and the spare on in seconds.

What. A. Day!

So, we have a hot date with Discount Tire tomorrow afternoon, but grateful we are safe.

One more picture… we took Mom and Dad Papke’s pup Wrigley with us to the Steins, and he sat on my lap like a good boy the whole ride there!

I have a run and more planned tomorrow, but I’m ready to be home and to get cleaned up, unpacked, and to enjoy the rest of this awesome weekend!

Hope you had an amazing day!


– Have you ever had a flat tire? Do you know how to change?

– Any running take place this weekend?

– What are some of your favorite dishes to cook at home?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!