Salado Beer Festival + Rock Climbing + Helicopter Ride

Coolest thing about the morning? Getting to wear my Texas Trail Running Festival tank! We went to the Salado Beer Festival and as we were picking up our tickets, two people asked me about the race. They had ran previously, or others trail runs in the series and said I was “their people” sporting the shirt and my Goodr OG Sunglasses. Even Lynn’s brother Erik loves and ordered a pair! What is your favorite design?

We got to the beer festival right as it opened, so we had our pick of places to sit. Within an hour or so there were so many people, it was 30 minutes to get treats at the food trucks. It was also very hot!

Dad Papke wore the Dad Bod shirt we got him for Father’s Day. He’s carrying a few beers in the cool cups we got with the tickets we had to buy to get into the festival.

There was so much going on, and we heard a helicopter going back and forth… only to realize they were selling tickets to take a ride! What?!

So, guess who bought two tickets to get in a 4 minute helicopter ride and see our lives flash before our lives? Us!

Okay, it was super fun and not scary at all! From the ground it looked like it went super fast, but once in the air it wasn’t as crazy as it seemed. It was very windy, however, and I came out with my hair looking like a mop!

We had texted Lynn’s parents to tell them we were going up, and Erik got a picture of us mid air. Can’t tell it’s us, but still pretty cool!

Once we landed, I saw a rock climbing wall… so naturally I had to try that as well!

I think I did pretty good and didn’t fall once, taking the hardest route up. Wasn’t really that hard, but I was proud. 🙂

I kicked off the Birks, and proceeded to climb. Fearless until I reached the top and then realized I had to let go to “fall” to the ground. That was the scariest moment of the day. HA!

After I survived the wall, we met Kady Rain who performed for a few hours on stage. She had some great tunes and we’ve already downloaded! She’s following me on Instagram now 🙂 She was very nice and super cool!

We had some delicious bulgogi fries and dumplings from a Korean food truck. Was so hot outside but worth the wait.

5 or 6 hours later it was time to head home, but it was a lot of fun! Never thought I’d be on a helicopter today, nor did I think I’d ever get Lynn to go. Proud of my girl 🙂

Dinner was delicious! Mom grilled salmon, burgers, hotdogs, skewers, etc! Hit the spot!

We then decided to play games. These people are crazy. Fun crazy, but holy hell! Lol! Com-pet-i-tive! Love it! Yelling, cussing, calling each other names?! Yup, saw it all go down. Love these guys!

We played two new games…

Listography: The Game: May the Best List Win! And WHAT DO YOU MEME? 4-Bidden Words Adult Party Game were awesome! Check them out and definitely add to your family game nights!

I have an early alarm going off so I can get a run in tomorrow!



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