Early Morning Runs + La Cantera + Seeing the World Awaken + Random Medals + Friday Favorites

Doesn’t everyone have random running medals chilling in their car… from over a year ago?

I had three sitting in my drink holders from races in Virginia.

One was from a half marathon in Georgetown, right outside of Washington DC, and the other two were from 5ks in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Man I miss that place, but San Antonio is pretty sweet too!

One of the 5k medals was from the race above where I placed overall female. I was trying to find that picture, as I was actually holding my plaque upside down, but I got tired of looking. Lol

I wonder where I have other medals hiding?!

I got up three mornings this week and ran vs running at night those days, and I LOVED it! I’m not a morning person (we all know that), unless it is a race day, cough. However, new habits are meant to be formed and every time I get up extra early to run before work the following happens:

– I’m nicer

– The day is better

– I feel like the whole the day is full of possibilities.

– I am always glad I did and sets the tone for a better and more productive day

– Lynn is happy because I’m less cranky. HA

With summer in full swing, and it getting hotter and more humid by the day, mornings will be my future for the next several months. It’s actually not too bad, and is worth the extra early alarm!

I love seeing the city come to life and watching the world awaken with me during my run! Seeing the sun peeking out in it’s golden colors is a blessing and I’m grateful that I GET to run. Truly!

I’ve been running through Arrive Eilan, the Rim and La Cantera to switch things up. There are plenty of trails, roads, etc. Its safe, I see other runners and walkers which is always nice, and lots of places to switch things up! Plus, I have my Sabre Safety Products

How could I not be in a good mood while running through such beautiful parts of the city!

There is a ton of elevation and no way to get around it unless I drive elsewhere as we live in a pretty hilly part of San Antonio. It’ll help the legs get stronger!

Tuesday – Thursday morning I ran a bit over 5 miles each day and hit about 30 for the week. Lower mileage week, but I’m okay with that and I ran by feel!

Yesterday we went down to one of the fun restaurant areas where we live. We had a few Moscow Mules and talked wedding and chatted with Lynn’s friend Sarah on the phone for a bit. Was nice!

Look at the view straight up from our chairs. Outside. In paradise. I love it here!

I was looking through a book Lynn made me for Christmas. It had a lot of memories from our first year together and mostly of our time in Virginia. It made me miss that beautiful state, but my home is where she is and I’m happy! This was perfect for a few throwback Thursdays! (The dates are from when she made the book, not when pictures taken.)

Check out MY GEAR for a few new items I added for Friday Favorites! Next week I’ll have a better list that is separate from MY GEAR!

Bella fell asleep hard last night, and I woke up to pictures Lynn took and sent to my phone. I love my little family. Cuteness overload!

I plan on doing a run Sunday morning to see where I’m at pace wise, and getting this summer training started!

Happy early Father’s Day to all you wonderful Dads out there 🙂

We are currently on the road headed to Mom & Dad Papke’s for the weekend!


What are your plans this weekend?

Doing any daddy day celebrating?

What is your favorite thing about early morning runs?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!